Dream intrepretation

Good afternoon, I consistently have vivid dreams about my teeth falling out, however it doesn’t hurt and underneath there are partial formed clean white perfect teeth. Also I constantly pulling the nerve endings they look like gnarled roots of trees that can’t possibly fit in my mouth, there’s no pain or blood but the visuals of it unnerves me and anytime I have teeth dreams it horrifies me. I also dream of flying a lot some times I am in control sometimes I’m not but I always have the ability to do it depending on the circumstance of the dream. If this helps I am aware that I’m asleep.

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Typically dreaming of tooth loss indicates a feeling of losing control or powerlessness. New teeth coming through indicates a new beginning from a stressful scenario or loss. Pulling on the nerve teeth roots means you are searching for a solution to your problems.

The flying aspect indicates new found freedom perhaps from the previous stress related problems you had experienced or you are searching for a solution from stressful problems to bring inner peace.

Hey thank you, I’ve been wondering what these dreams meant for a long time, I wondered if they were spiritual in nature due to the frequency and scope but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

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I doubt these are visions from a deity but merely the stress of life… Recurring dreams indicate there is something in your life you’ve denying that is causing stress. The dreams are reoccurring because you have not corrected the problem