Dream interpretations? can anyone help?

Last night, or rather early this morning I had a strange sure all dream.

I awoke to find a strange woman in my home. We spent the day hanging out and then went for a drive. I took a wrong turn and found an old house while looking for a place to turn around. Well I turned my truck around just as two young men threw a rock through my windshield. I hit the brakes and took off after the guys, managing to corner one who welded a bat. I demanded compensation for the windshield and glanced around. I saw I was back at the old, previously abandoned home to find a door half opened. Inside I saw a shadow on the wall that drew my attention. After talking with the kid, he agreed to show me inside. I followed him in the home room to find it full of at least a dozen people. He brought me to a woman who spoke harshly with him in a hard whisper for a few moments before I interjected and told her why I was there. Anyway she allows me to stay and for a while everything is quiet. Until the others in the room turn into giant ants and begin to attack me. I fought them off and made my way to the woman I was presented to earlier. She introduced herself as the queen and the two ants at her side as her female lovers. Her lovers attacked me where as I countered and killed the three. The other ants drew back then the rest of the dream was chaos, alternating between them attacking me and retreating from me…

Any ideas on what the dream was trying to tell me??