Dream interpretation

Hi everyone!

So… I am trying to develop my dream interpretation skills. So, I am going to offer free dream interpretations! The only payment I ask is HONEST feedback.

So, if you are willing to let me try out my skills with your dreams…message me here or in PM! Thanks!

I appreciate you all!


Can I pm you about my dream?

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How do i pm you?

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Just click my name and click message…are you new on here? It may not let you. I’ll message you.

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First day😁

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I can I have crazy dreams so you can p.m me and you can take a shot at it

Well this was like weeks ago i started seeing snakes and crocs for days
Before that i saw clear water where im swimming
(I do like to hold snakes in real life)

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unusual dream that you are being followed by an entire city,you are very well hidden but 3 identical girls found you,the girls where identic and they were all naked…


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@eVox_61 @Ben_Sahar

I’ll do those just as soon as I can. On my way to class now so can’t at the moment

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you still giving this service, can i have one too

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I think I’m really late, but I’ve been having constant dreams about someone can you help me with understanding it please

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I think i missed you…I’m sorry. I haven’t been on in awhile. If you still need it, let me know.

Haven’t been working on this in a while but I can give it a shot

Sure…PM me. I haven’t done it in a while but I can give it a shot.

PM has been sent

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I don’t know how to send personal messages. Like I said I’m new