Dream Interpretation?

So I’ve noticed a pretty frequent(almost every night) theme in my dreams is a lack of release. It really started when I got back in to meditating and energy work. The scene and scenario is always different, but it always ends the same way. For whatever reason, I am getting pretty hot and heavy, building up to a sexual release with someone in my dream. It never fails that something interrupts us, so I am left feeling frustrated and it lasts for hours after waking. I’m not sure what my dreams are trying to tell me, but obviously it’s something since I’m dreaming this so much. And before it starts, my waking sex life is very active and not lacking in that “release.”


Are you working or studying for something ? An important work or project you’re working on very hard lately ?

Aside from work, I’ve been trying to meditate more regularly and work on my energy flow. That’s the only thing I’m focusing on right now, I want to have a good foundation to build off of for later spell working.

And you didn’t achieve that yet, right ? That would be it in my opinion. When you achieve that, you will “release” :slight_smile:

Dreams are symbolic, sex may not mean actual sexual activity. It could mean something else that exhausts you emotionally and mentally but you do it with passion or desire… just like sex.


You could always go to google and put in your dream to there search engine and find dozens of interupatations that could answer your question and get a definative answer.

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Is someone casting a spell to put a certian idea in your head?

That person might not have any ill intent. They might not even be doing it on purpose.

That popped into my head. It might be wrong.