Dream interpretation?

I’ve been having a bunch of weird dreams and at this point I think they have meaning but have no idea what they are saying

Here is one I had a day ago, (the order of events isn’t clear btw)

I remember being in this resort and I saw my friend Hannah there, so I went up to talk to her but she had no idea who I was (apparently something was changed in the past so we had never met but I still remembered her)
So the resort ended up having this vampire there, and he was begging me to kill him because he had lived so long he couldn’t take it, and in turn he would grant me immortality . I denied then left, (he was rlly dramatic dream version of me was kinda annoyed lol) and suddenly there is this skip to a random scene where I’m in the desert riding a horse, then another scene skip, and I’m walking into this forest and there is another man behind me, he’s afraid to go in because of the snakes but I tell him there’s nothing to fear, so I go in, and there are these five(ish) snakes intertwined into a ring, and they are kinda hovering there against a tree, the man follows me in then, and a deer walks over to me and guides me through the forest, then it transforms into a black and blue iridescent butterfly and I follow it to my destination- idk where that was but I intuitively knew I had to go somewhere

No idea what it means or if my imagination was just running wild, but if anyone is a dream interpreter, u could maybe give ur thoughts