Dream Interpretation

So I had dream last night that was not atypical as far as my usual dreams go. Nothing of note except I was watching TV and something came out of the TV that felt very dark. He was dressed in a Top Hat and was very well dressed with a overcoat. The weird part is (and I NEVER do this in my dreams usually) when this happened I called out Michael! Michael come to me. Almost immediately whatever was coming out of the TV retreated and the dream was over. Then I woke up. What was unusual is that I was conscious of the fact I was calling out the name Michael in the dream and I seemed to know what I was doing but was surprised by it. Why? Because I was conscious of what I was doing and it felt out of place. Any of you guys have any idea what this might mean or if it’s probably just a dream?

Dreams are personal and subjective, so no one can tell you what it means but you. A lot of different elements can make their way into a single dream, kind of like layers, such as, rehashing/replaying things from the past little while, subconscious fears and desires, problem solving, and so on. You can go back over your past few days to see if anything you’ve learned, experienced, or placed focus on made their way into your dream(s). You can also revisit the dream in meditation and speak with the different components to find more meaning/understanding and/or you can divine it.

But it sounds like you had a moment of semi lucidity during the part that scared you and your response was to call out to a spirit that is well known for protection. It’s a pretty common thing that people do in situations like that.