Dream interpretation

Was murdered in my dream by a group of cannibals and sorcerers then they rose me from death as an undead being but still myself to rejoin their ranks.

Any who the dream was disturbing enough to waken me, my family was also in the dream and was also murdered with only my son also being risen from death.


I did not watch anything to influence this.

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Yes. My thoughts… Join the “World of Warcraft Illuminati Undead Clan.” Israel, have you been playing WoW again?

Lol. No.

Different Cults/Covens have initiation Rituals. For example, in Deprogramming from say Christianity there are rituals where you symbolically Kill your Religious Self and are initiated into their Circle as getting a “New Body.” Basically Rebirthing the Self.

For example, becoming a Vampire, or reprogramming ones self to hold demonick or other types of energy. Those indoctrinated in Christianity would think of you as literally “killing yourself” or becoming Undead. Its all mostly fanciful illusion. But basically its just Reprogramming yourself.


Thanks, but would this still count as self-killing when it was another entity doing the killing and another doing the raising

Well it doesn’t always have to be self-killing. You could have others do it for you. For example, when you go to a professional who specializes in certain techniques.