Dream interpretation

hi, i just wanted to get yalls opinion of my friends dream that i appeared in and if possible see if you recognize a sigil.

So in my friends dream she said that she saw me in her neighborhood at night, using the full moons light to draw a sigil in the ground. then someone came out of their house and i ran, not finishing the ritual.

thats the sigil she saw me drawing. i dont know if anyone will recognize it but its worth a try. but yea, any ideas or opinions on what this dream could mean?

In general, to interpret a dream you see at the emotions behind sounds and images and not the sound and images that much.

Watching someone trapped in a burning car: impotence
Buuuuuugs!: revulsion.

You in the 'hood at night: some sort of safety.
Drawing an image with the fullmoon: I don’t know.
You ran: some sort of danger, but mostly at getting caught.

I don’t know about the sigil. There may be one sigil of power that looks similar to that one, but I’m not the right guy to answer you tha.

Never saw that before