Dream interpretation please

Idk lately I’ve been having dreams like this and I have to warm you it’s explicit so I’ll try to keep it to a minimum I have no clue the meaning or y I am. Dreaming this last time I had a dream like this a friend of mine projected her memories/horrible flash back by accident n I picked it up in a dream she is a decent of wiccans but not practice her self n she knows my infinity for magic just not to the extent of things I have dived in to ok anyway

So there was a girl I guess she couldn’t think on her own since she would follow and do as her friend tells her to do think she called her nu or nikkie no it was Nik so yeah she was hanging with these ppl bad crazy guys and the girl didn’t want to be alone so she went with them…they stopped at a place and my mind for w.e reason said vet office to get medicine and the girl change into a dog
-seeing the dream it wasn’t a vet office and wasn’t medicine just my mind didn’t want to protray it as what it really was-
They ended up at a house on the top floor took the medicine and used it on them self to get high the girl how ever looked at the medicine and started to shake in fear like she didn’t want to do it or couldn’t so she pretended to do it just to make every one think that I’m guessing
-i remember her breathing was shaky and she was trembling-
She wanted to get out so she looked at her friend as the friend and some random girl indulge themselfs into sexual acts with these random guys she got up and went into another room only to be stopped by a guy who was touching on her prior to her getting up…
He tried to hurt her to have his way but she fought back and ended up turning into a cat…and then another guy found her…I think after she jumped out of the window she may have hit her head or something
The guy was very nice serious tho and wasn’t concerned as to why she changed shape at all went out got her closthes last thing I remember before I woke up was he killed the ppl who tried to do this to her…they drug up women and use them for human trafficking…

Idk y I’d dream about this I’ve never been through this the girl didn’t even look like me n what’s with the animal transformation please some one help me I’d appreciate it