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TW// Guns

This dream is very weird, and one of the few which I can’t make heads or tails out of.

The dream started with me at my house, specifically on the terrace. There was a man who came running inside and closed the door. This was a random stranger, so I wanted to know what was up, and opened the door. I saw 3 of my school classmates, who I don’t talk to anymore but still recognise. Let’s call them A, B and C.

I said their name, and asked them what they were doing. They said that they needed to collect a ransom from the stranger. I said that I didn’t think they would become like this, and that it’s “bad”. Then B pulled out a good. Now I was scared, of course, so I put my hands up.

Then there was 3 of us including me, all of us women, and B started shooting in our direction. It didn’t hurt any of us directly, but it whizzed past my cheek and I was a little injured. I slammed the door shut and called the police.

The phone call was picked up by a lady police officer, I could see her talking and writing out the details. She cut the call before asking my address, so she called back. I picked it up before A, B and C could hear it. I could speak everything, but when it came to my address I lost my voice. Nothing, no sound. Not even a wheeze. So I decided to text the address instead. But nope. The message either changed or my phone glitched not allowing me to send the message.

The lady officer tracked my phone. The scene then changed to her with her troop(?) and they were checking the house. I felt like she was a shaman, but dressed in modern police clothes. She said she’ll bring forward her “fiercest form”.

Then the scene changed to a place in my city, which is usually filled with traffic but was really empty right now. I’ve been here before, twice or thrice in previous dreams. It’s different than how that place is irl. I remember every single detail and turn of this place. I was crossing the road, and there was a lady with me who told me that we need to tell “him” to make some changes.

Now “him” is also a man I’ve met everytime I came here. He looks a bit like Barack Obama (but it’s not Barack Obama, of course). He’s like the leader, or mayor in a way of this…city withing a city in the dream.

She told me that “him” had a name change, and was now Ayush Bhi-something. I remember that he used to be a Sheikh.

I remember his office, which we were not enter. His assistant, who we ask if he’s in, and she always says,“He’s always here” with a smile, John Wick style. And we meet “him”.

Today though, he was on a phone call so we had to wait. The lady who was with me was chatting with the assistant, while I sat at the back. We were there to inform “him” to replace a few old sculptures and bring new ones, and to report about the shooting.

Here I got a form, which is unusual because you don’t get a form. You only book an appointment which was already done. The form read:

I am a whore of (I don’t remember) and am here for ______ to the (I don’t remember).

I filled out the blank first with “am”, then cut it out and wrote “for advice”.

Then I woke up and the dream ended. If anyone can understand what happened here, what it can symbolise, please let me know. It’d be much appreciated :purple_heart:


Thats very detailed for a dream, great recall. I’ll give you my interpretation on it all (been doing dream journaling for years). So, your dream started in your mindscape (or the world inside your mind). It often takes the form of a house, the guy was a rogue entity inside your mindscape that was on the run from the 3 girls (who may be astral handlers of yours, meaning they keep other beings out of your mindscape, not to help you but to insure they have more control over your mindscape).

Since they wanted randsom from him, it seems like since he was (probably) in your mindscape to help you, they wanted payment from his soul treasures and they would in a sense (look the other way) and allow him to continue to operate in your mindscape. (So in a sense, you are a prisoner, and he has to pay a ransom for your temporary freedom, or temporary access to you).

When you called the lady or police on the phone, you accessed some astral group/ friends, an organization you already know on the astrals. They helped you because of your former work or relationships with that species or astral organization. The lady saying she’d bring out her fiercest form was her transforming into her soul’s ascended form (another version of her hidden away inside her soul that she can unleash. (Also meaning they were quite tough to beat, I’d say thanks to her sometime).

After the battle (or cleanup) you met up at their headquarters and met the people incharge that you already know because of past life incarnations/relationships or contracts. They said “he’s always in”, meaning you are welcomed their anytime, and they had you sign a temporary contract so they can help you for awhile (that was you signing the paper). Don’t know why it would say a whore (accept they wanted to really get your attention), btw its not uncommon to be called a whore in the astrals because the astral handlers like to f* the s* out of their hosts in the astrals because thats one way they can steal a person’s essense or soul treasure bit by bit. (So personally no sex for me in the astrals).

If I were to fill the blanks out I’d guess:
"I am a whore of (current beaucracy that controls your current incarnation) and I am here for (training in astral movement and techniques) to the (whoever is in-charge of training or helping your astral self out).

Also, replacing old sculptures with new ones. So when a person creates something in the astrals (could be anything) or when you create something through visualization and meditation they call it a sculpture. Or a thoughtform creation (the more detailed it is the more sentient it can become). Basically they are extensions of our life form and ki. Guess some of those are getting replace inside of you. Very interesting tho, glad you shared with us.


This is a lot to take in :flushed:
If that landscape is like a prison, then I believe I should get out of it?

I’m still confused if there’s a party who wants to keep me there (the handlers you mentioned) and if there’s a party who want me to get out (the organization).

I forgot to mention, but the lady officer had a tiger tattoo on her arm. Almost like she could channel the strength of one.

I never knew that’s what sculptures meant!

Thank you! I’ve been recalling them for quite some time. Because it was so odd, I did it as soon as I woke up.


they were boys, often the “bad” boys. delinquents. A was a friend of mine and we used to do origami in 7th grade.


If they were the bad boys delinquents then might have to consider another interpretation to the dream.
The bad boys and black or polytheistic magicians are considered rogues in the astrals. So they probably controlled a great section of your mindscape (probably cuz theyre helping you out, not get completely influenced by that organization in your mindscape). If you see police uniforms or military uniforms your usually dealing with a beaucracy in the astrals that controls and dominates parts of the astrals and parts of the physical world. So I would be very careful, suspicious, and cautious of your dealings with them. As beings of control they will keep other entities from you (demons or such that are trying to recruit you or break you out of the current astral contracts). So theyre like buddy*ers they pretend to help you but they are only keeping people enslaved in the astrals. You may have a current astral physical contract with them that may need to be absolved.

Fortuantely black magicians have a better chance then most of breaking free in the astrals through astral transformation, dream training, and making new alliences with other gods or species. And yea, it is alot to take in, just based on what I’ve experienced, not saying its completely accurate for your case but something to think and meditate on for sure. Oh and I wouldn’t be too worried about it, this stuff is a common day in the astrals; just continue to be aware of your dreams and stuff going on and the puzzle pieces and your relationship with it all will make more sense.

(Oh yea- they probably called you a w* because they were upset that you are practicing black magic and contacting other gods and deities besides them).

btw, (according to how I’ve experienced the astrals) you probably started in your mindscape, then after the battle you all portaled to the organization’s main base in the astrals


I have one more logic as to why “whore” was written for me…but I’m not sure if I should share it. It’s interesting you bring up the organization not allowing demons or gods to come near, since I was trying to deepen my relationship with a guide…

This is a lot to take in. May I pm you later if I have more questions? You seem to have experience with something similar…


Sure thing

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Thank you so much!

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I think she symbolized Durga. Based on the way you described it I had the feeling and this confirms it. Maybe she’s working in your life rn?

The word Whore of Babylon came to mind after seeing that maybe this has relevance to you too?

The beginning of your dream could speak off underlying fears or secret enemies that Durga is protecting you from or that you need to be strong (tiger) against

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Might be :thinking:

I’ll look into this as well. Thank you! :purple_heart:

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