Dream in with black clothes from Multiple people

Curious to understand this dream from two indidual people

My mother dreamed of my aunt dressed in black in front of her house, but couldnt enter talking about a key… dream ended.

My friend dreamed about my dress in black happy at a party with other people not dressed in black but also dancing and happy.

I would like to understand this dream a bit more,

I my self have not dreamed of anything related.
how can this be connected?

At the outset, it doesn’t sound like they’re connected at all.

Black dresses for women are popular, dresses and the color black probably mean different things to different people subconsciously - it depends of thier personal experience and feelings about both.

If the same person had both dreams, maybe there’d be a connection if thier intuition told them the dress and it’s color were significant. But that isn’t the case.

Except… if it’s a message to you because you’re the other common denominator. In which case, what does a black dress mean to you personally? I.e., what other memories and feelings do you have about women wearing black dresses?

Try following that train of thought in a musing meditative state, maybe google ‘black dress’ and see where it leads you. Pay attention to what comes up and be open to signs, and the meaning may come to you that way.

It also might not show up for a few months - write the dream down before you forget the details. It will help you remember so you can look back at it later.

Is not mostly me, is My mother of my aunt and my friend of me.

But for me black means power and darkness in a good way.

But thanks.