Dream following the cast of a curse. Any interpretation?

So a few weeks ago I performed a version of the chicken leg binding spell, with non-lethal but limitative and destructive intent, and I threw the box with the bundle in the water of a river (since I couldn’t take ant risk of being caught digging a hole into a cemetery and get arrested). Paid the spirits with some copper coins and alcohol. I also found a spirit of a person who has died there and contacted them via necromancy to help me with this.

Last night I had the weirdest dream possible. I was in the living room along with my mother, and in another room there was something that looked like a ghost, or a resurrected dead person trying to grab my mother and pull her in. And kind of succeeded but I managed to reverse time and get her back, or simply pulled her (I can’t remember exactly), then blocked the door with the spirit inside.

Next thing me and her are escaping via window and we’re roaming the streets in search for help. That’s where it gets worse. We’re suddendly in the middle of nowhere in a swamp, dirty water covering our ankles. Out of nowhere, a group of Native people armed with traditional hunting gear (I remember bows) appear and they are hunting another human being like an animal. I look down and see that the hunted person is the one I targeted with the curse.

He (the target) runs to hide in something like a mangrove forest in the swamp, black roots forming some kind of maze. The Natives eventually get them and shoot an arrow into him. He falls in the water, looking dead. And suddedly, in the middle of the day (the sun was shining bright on the sky), everything turns dark as if it was midnight. All the water turns crimson red and it’s not from the blood of the target. Me and my mother find ourselves literally running from the mangrove through the swamp of blood, trying to find a way out of the nightmare. I don’t remember how but we eventually succeeded and get back in the town.

I return to the mangrove and find out that the target wasn’t actually dead, just pretending. He found shelter into a manor that rised from the swamp, called the police and was very angry because he accused me of paying the Native people to kill him. The dream stops here (and I have no idea what happened to the spirit in my house, for the record).

How would you interpret it, keeping in mind the connection to the curse? Should I be worried about myself or my family’s safety? Please note that I was having prophetic dreams long time before, even since my childhood and generally I found ways to translate the dreams into reality but this time I can’t figure it out and help would be appreciated.

dreams can be feedback to your current situation. Maybe dream telling you he have some kind of protection.

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