Dream drawing adventures

Hey, i’m pretty new to magick, but I dream a lot and remember my dreams nearly every night. Ever since I called on Advachiel, I’ve had them even more intensely. I thought it would be fun to make quick paintings of them. It would be fun to hear some dream interpretations from you guys too.

I had a dream where I was an assassin, and managed to bypass the defenses of a heavily fortified castle to kill the head of a rival group and his wife quietly in their sleep. I was on the subway making my escape, and this old man started talking to me. He felt kindly and oddly familiar, said he was a veteran in the field, seemed to like what I did and was amused at my attempts at hiding it from him. I only realized after drawing him that this guy reeaally looks like Odin. Dream me is very clueless.

I dreamt that playing a game, I was a servant in a castle who is trying to help the king escape. I tossed some hot cinders onto the carpet to cause a fire but it was too small a fire. The head servant caught me and asked me if I went through their training program. I said, only the only the one required to enter the castle. She then made me run after another woman who was riding a bike through the town. It was deep in the night and I could barely see her. I remember vividly running through this section of grass and loving it. I have no idea what this dream is about man.


A vision that you are protecting someone or helping them suggests that you are putting up an emotional wall or barrier between you and others around you.

Starting with a castle is a stronghold and particularly in a defensive sense with a stone fortification helping the king escape his castle might indicate your desire to change something in your life.

Helping the king escape may represent wanting to save something or that you want to do something but cannot. If you are saving someone then your dream maybe part of your fantasy or vision about saving someone who you really admire - becoming the hero.

The head servant finding you as a servant helping an escape and getting caught might imply your desire to escape from authority or someone trying to control you.

Told to find someone at night riding a bike and chasing them at night implies you are searching for something and having difficulty in finding it.


Thank you! That’s such a good interpretation and is quite an accurate reflection of what’s happening. It makes a lot more sense now. Really gives me something to think about.


This was a few days ago but it was unforgettable. It was the 3rd dream I had that night. I was having a lucid dream in a nice holiday resort. I had a vague idea that I was a hitman and there was someone I was supposed to kill downstairs but I decided to fuck around since I was lucid dreaming. (I don’t know why I’m a hitman or assassin in a lot of my dreams, I think it’s because I’m in the process of changing myself)

Cue fuckup. I was walking down these stairs, and then had the idea of just saying, “Archangel Metatron, please appear before me now”, not really expecting anything to happen.

Suddenly, this purple light appeared in the middle of my vision, and I was like, okay this is not happening, he’s not actually going to show up is he?? But it didn’t stop. I felt like there was an earthquake in my skull, and this huge, massive powerful presence around me. I felt a pressure on the top of my head at my crown chakra (and my right hip??), and I was basically terrified. I had a feeling like something entered my head, and he was scanning my brain. I also felt like I was being filled with light all over, and my entire body was vibrating, it was unreal. So what did I do now that an angel definitely showed up?

Nothing! :slight_smile: The next thing I knew, I was hiding under my blanket watching a youtube video, and I was actually not sure if I woke up or if I was still dreaming, I was just waiting for something to happen.

I heard a very very distinct voice, the clearest I’ve ever heard an entity, say “Maybe”.

This was a few days ago. He has since made it very clear that he was working with me, and I think he found it funny more than anything. I just cannot believe what an idiot I was that night. This is my apology to him for calling him for no good reason. :’)


With your lucid dream or outright vision often we get exploding flashes of light or strobes proceeding a psychic revelation as the astral fabric is torn. The purple aurora that surrounds and other effects and feelings are what the spirit is trying to convey. The color purple is the spirit trying to identify himself as it might not be Metatron but still wants to convey his message of uncertainty.


Thank you for the explanation, that’s interesting. Do you have any advice on what to do for identification and what to do next if I wish to try to work with spirits in lucid dreams? I definitely want to be able to handle it better next time.


My advice is keep a journal and keep track of these visions and see if they are helping you solve mysteties, requests or problems. The visions are cues and responses to your ritual work giving you details about what should be corrected or answers to problema you are facing.

Consider the reoccurring vision of an assassin represents an aspect of yourself that is concerned with ending or failing something so it will never be a concern ever again. Being totally focused on eliminating some area of your life for good. Cutting someone off using surprise or embarrassment. A desire to never face a problem again.

Consider the qualities of the person being assassinated and ask yourself how these qualities may apply to you or a situation in your life.

The deity will usually give signs as to his presence which includes colors and other visualisations i.e. Marchosias a deity with many facets employs the color violet and purple. She is noted for strength and power.

From the Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly:

Marchosias is a demon that’s all about strength. Both inner and outer, he teaches one to use their innate power to help themselves. Work with Marchosias if you need a healthy dose of power and motivation in your life! His name is also sometimes spelled Marchocias.


That’s an interesting point about the whole assassin theme. They are usually rich powerful mafia people. The element of secrecy and stealth figures a lot into it. I think I have a rough idea of where it comes from. up until a few months ago, I was suicidal for many years and was very depressed. I’m trying to end that extremely entrenched pattern of behavior and thoughts mostly in secret, and it’s important to me that nobody else knows what I’m doing. Maybe that’s that? :confused: I’m not entirely sure if it’s a good thing to do or not.

Yes I do keep journals, I’ve kept my dream and real life journals separate and didn’t think to use them together to solve problems though, I’ll try doing that. I’ve tended to share what I considered the fun bits because I can only do one pic a day, but there have been other funny dreams. There are some very straightforward stuff like, I went into hogwarts, I’m going to the top floor, and surprise surprise the staircase gets harder and harder to climb on the last flight, hmmmm. And other weirder stuff I’m not sure about, like having a sink at the foot of a bed, and the water going on the bed when I wash stuff in it, and the bedroom walls made of black tiles (my real life bedroom has white walls). :confused: What do you think that might mean?

I’ve never heard of Marchosias but I’ll look into her, thanks for recommending :slight_smile:

Thanks again for talking about dreams with me, I initially started this as a bit of lighthearted fun because I’ve always treated dreams that way, but I’m happy to be learning about what to make of those symbols :slight_smile:


Climbing stairs could mean you are moving forward and you feel ready to create success and a subconscious omen of determination, you have decided to put effort into obtaining your goals. However, you not being able to complete the climb as it gets more difficult means you are still facing obstscles.

The sink overflowing to your bed and than washing indicates your a multitasker and that there are too many things going on at the moment in your life. Try to slowdown is the key message perhaps. Try to accomplish less but make sure that you focus on accomplishing what you can with the best possible results.

Dreaming of black walls could symbolizes mystery, the unknown, and the unconscious. These aspects can either be negative or positive. Negative meanings include danger, emptiness, evil, death, mourning, hatred, despair, deep depression, lack of energy…


Yes I’ve reached much of the same conclusions. I do manage to get to the end of the stairs in the dream, but it was ridiculously hard and strenuous and I had to pretty much rockclimb it at some point. :s I had similar dreams before but in this one I was like, not this time bitch!

I actually wonder if the choices you make in dreams translate to real life development at all, or if it’s purely a passive reflection of real life.

Ah okay, that makes sense. I agree with much of the interpretation with the sink. The black walls didn’t feel very threatening, it seemed more like just making my bed and feeling comfortable in what I’m exploring maybe.

I’ll be back soon with more drawings :slight_smile:


Are you the artist with the images? Computer graphics? All look good.


Yes :slight_smile: Thank you!

Yesterday I had a dream that I was a male teacher, and I got a call from a mom. She was enrolling her kid into a music program and was running down a huge list of songs, trying to check if we were going to teach all of them. I told her to knock it off, and to let the kid learn whatever he wanted. She went into full crazy parent mode, and I told her it’s the kid’s choice. She got mad and hung up.

Afterwards it was revealed that she was in fact, my crazy, crazy wife. She was a train wreck of a raging human, and for some reason she drove me in her car. I was trying to make her drive more carefully, but she didn’t listen and finally crashed real bad against a lamppost. I wasn’t surprised. She just started laughing. I knew she was going to jail for it. We got out of the car and she gave me a diamond, and said it’d be worth something after she got out. I wasn’t mad at her or anything and told her I’d wait.


The vision of being the teacher yourself generally this indicates your thoughts about rewards being a respected authority figure. If your scenario was disruptive, or the teacher struggled with disciplining this indicates that there is going to be difficulties in understanding others. This could suggest you may be out of your comfort zone when you need to relax. And can indicate that you are feeling either undervalued due to competition or a rival with conflict that you have to lecture.

The finale when you are being driven away by your angry wife may suggest that you are punishing yourself for something you said or did because your conscience is bothering you, anxiety?

Visions with cars often represent our life’s journey, with another behind the wheel indicates a lack of control. Maybe you’re going through a stressful and not-yet-defined phase, and the crash indicates a lack of clarity or direction or that you are driving yourself too hard; you need to hit the brakes and slow down with a potential ongoing conflict with others.

It could be that you’ve been avoiding a confrontation that you can safely have in your dreams or it might mean that your beliefs or lifestyle contrast with those of somebody close to you and may lead to conflict.


Well I sort of started to get so busy I didn’t have time for this for a while, but I got a pretty fun dream, thought I would draw it too :smiley:

I was playing in a tennis tournament and screwing up a lot, but then I realized it’s because I was distracted by a black hole eating the sun. I tried to tell the other players about it but they were more concerned with the tennis match. Afterwards the black hole advanced to earth and sucked everyone into it. When I woke up, I woke up in my house, but the entire world was empty of life and everyone was invisible. To see people you had to look through a hole. I saw invisible college students dancing, visible because of their clothes. A girl gave me one of their shirts and when I looked through the neck I could see everyone. She explained that there were different types of light waves now, and I could only see people who had vertical sine waves.

I went to look for my friends, went to the beach and there was a car crash with a blue van. I rushed to the van and saw the belongings of the girl I loved inside. I saw her lying under some stuff at the back and thought the worst, but it turned out that she was ok and was just sleeping.

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:open_mouth: Wild! Also your drawing skills are on point.

So, I’ma be OUT THERE and I feel like everyone who has had the opportunity to talk to me on the matter of dreams knows I’m a little out there.

Do you think that possibly these dreams could be tied to your “higher self”/ “past-life” self? I’ll be honest, I lurk looking for specific things to fit into my own timelines and try to prove some of my dream theories. One of my theories is that we experience things in life (sometimes) that will trigger the remembrance of events in a past life. Following that, I wrote them down, threw them together and made a timeline for a character called “Nautela.” (I only mention it because of a consistency in theme for your dreams, though if you’re an assassin in this life I guess that could change my opinion.)

Or you were some sort of royal guard/hitman in a past life, fam.

:open_mouth: WILD

OMG. I had a dream just like this. Wild!

I’ll definitely be keeping a lookout for more. I absolutely LOVE this stuff.

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I’ve read a few posts where people have used enns before a sleep session and it brought the spirit to their dreams.

#me too

It’s hard to experience life fully when you know there’s so much more than the monotony, but it sounds like maybe you’re over the hump now? I’m happy for you! Though every day is a victory and I’m sure happy you’re here! <3

Is it really straight forward though? I’ve found that sometimes after I have other dreams I can go back to previous ones and see dreams in a new light with more context.

These could be symbolic.

I will say I’ve definitely had a dream or two where I’ve been warned of things to come and been able to avoid the bad things.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

That is a really interesting thought, I never considered that :open_mouth: I’m very curious about the timeline you managed to stitch together, do you mind sharing more about Nautela?

I think I was some kind of warrior from the nordic region long ago, I had visions of that life, but it’s always in small villages, nothing so grand as in these dreams :confused:

Yes, since then I’ve managed to do this a few more times :smiley: It’s not been that long ago but still kind of funny now to see my reactions haha

Thank you :smiley: My depression comes on and off but it’s much better now than before. I hope you feel better now as well, every day is a victory indeed :’)

That’s an interesting thought too. Looking at it now, I was definitely not strong enough at the time to get up there, I did not have the self knowledge, willpower or inner strength, but at the time I thought the universe was trolling me making it harder on purpose, hahah. I had a similar dream later on, involving a mountain, but I managed to climb to the top, I hope that’s a good sign…

I’ve actually never had such things happen, but then I’m lucky enough that I seem to have quite an easy life with nothing seriously bad ever happening to me (to the point where I was pushed by the spirits I work with to look for trouble, actually x’D) . I’ve always wondered what it was like to have warnings like these, I would imagine it to be quite frightening :confused:

Thanks for your comments, they’ve been really cool food for thought, I’m happy to find more people as interested in dreams as I am :slight_smile:


Hey I’m back, but not with a drawing, just a funny dream that I wanted to share because it felt like a Charmed episode :joy: But I might draw it later because it was pretty fun.

So at 5am I was awake and restless doing some chakra cleansing exercises, but it was weird because I felt a bit sick in my solar plexus and there was a creepy feeling in the room. At the time I didn’t think much of it and went to sleep.

I ended up in a sort of strange lucid dream stuck in a labyrinth of a spooky castle, but it felt off because I felt a little bit sick. It was a strangely alluring place and I felt kind of happy there but it was also dark and had a weird haunted vibe.

I was busy getting lost on some massive stairs and I heard a chilling sound from a corridor. I turned to see an ominous doorway and felt like it was a terrifying place. I wanted to go see what the scary thing was, but I was paralyzed before I could enter. Not usual at all for a dream… I eventually entered by not walking there but floating. I saw caged puppies barking out to me, and I was just so weirded out that it felt so scary because they were adorable little white terriers. I reached out and grabbed a puppy. Don’t ask me how I grabbed a puppy without opening the cage it’s dream logic.

Then I thought I woke up but it felt off. I was in my room but not really. My first clue was that I felt the presence of my girlfriend next to me, but when I turned to look it was not her, she was sleeping really far away and next to me was some other strange lady trying to pose as a “friend”.

I got spooked, so I left the bed and looked out the balcony. We were maybe 6 floors up and I saw a field of cows a distance outside my house (My girlfriend’s name has something to do with cows). Somehow I knew that it was a dream, so I took a step out the window and floated down slowly, but when I touched the ground I felt weirdly sick, and the surroundings wouldn’t hold like I was about to wake up.

I was then in a japanese style room where I felt kinda scared, and at this point I forgot again that I was in a dream. I started to do the qabbalistic cross and felt a bit better, but found it weird because I could see my fingers glowing, which I somehow knew was not usual.

This woman appeared with the face of a childhood friend, who seemed annoyed that I was doing the cross. I asked her who she was and remembered touching her because she was so realistic. She just said “a friend”. Which was when I knew she was full of shit. So I started the LBRP, and she was trying to distract me with everything she could. She kinda succeeded because my circle was lopsided lol but I was finishing this. I started calling the arcangels and their elements, and that was when I felt the energy suddenly change a lot like I was breaking something. She got pissed off and fuckin booked it out of there flying. When I finished all 4 sides the world literally collapsed like a Charmed episode. I felt energy coming back into my solar plexus like an electric shock and felt energized and buzzed all over. I finished the LBRP and felt a lot better.

I think the entity probably started trying to siphon my energy by spooking me with the haunted castle and then trying to seduce me. I kept getting hints that it’s not what it looks like with the puppies and the cows, and it kept switching places when I could reconnect to something positive. my magick habits led me to doing the lbrp in the dream and she gets the hell out of there by the time I get to calling Auriel.

Thing is I do the lbrp when I encounter spooky things in dreams, but because it’s usually my own subconscious it usually doesn’t do anything and definitely nothing this dramatic.

It’s not the first time I’ve encountered this kind of entity, I think it’s a kind of succubus maybe? But this one was the most entertaining interaction I’ve had in a while lol.

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