Dream divination

My work focuses mostly on myself. Had a dream this morning in which a resonant male voice told me that there of the seven houses and planes where open to me, and that I should consult the tarot. I work with Lilith exclusively right now so I’m not sure who this was or what it means.

Could it be the chakras in the spine

In the tarot you have 7 cards that are of the planets, those cards represent paths in the Tree of Life (or tunnels in the Tree of Death). Those same planets are represented by seven of the spheres of the trees, and are also the points of the Hexagram, and Donald Tyson relates them to Lovecraftian gods

I do a lot of energy work and meditation focusing on the chakras, I am currently struggling for a pathway to break the cycle of rebirth, I have been delving to a lot of different materials, looking for something that strikes a chord but nothing is reached out to grab me yet.

The dream almost sounded a little bit rosicrucian or hermetic I’ve attempted once or twice to work with Uriel. It may have been him speaking, but honestly I’ve been going very slowly with much research, very small amount of practice. I’ve been almost daily in constant contact with Lilith.

So it was very strange for me and out of the blue to have a male presence vocalize a concept which I really haven’t looked into very deeply.

Could it be a message then to work with find out who is open to working with me within the realm of the seven spheres? Or is it more of a message to try to find a way further open those that are closed to me.

I had an oracle deck which I started to use however I don’t know how to ask the questions to the Oracle deck for specific answers.
If this covid-19 thing ever ends especially where I live I have a local place in mind where I can sign up for classes wide range of psychic and magical topics but I’m stuck right now it’s killing me homeschooling myself is a challenge

In the first place mental voices can come from anywhere , so they shouldn’t always be trusted , if you want to know if it’s genuine , try to establish contact with the source .