Dream Demon Activity - Anyone Else?

So last two nights I had an entity fuck with my dreams, attempting to trap me. It was more successful two nights ago because I wasn’t aware of what might be going on, so I had terrible sleep filled with many moments of waking up confused and anxious. Last night I was more aware of what was up, the dream was setup like a trap to make me panicked and “running”, but I worked through it and felt the entity leave (like a weight lifting from my mind) once I figured the trap out and defeated the scenario.

A high priestess I work with was also facing similar dreams. We are both experienced and didn’t have too much of an issue working through it once we knew what was going on.

Anyone else being tested (I feel like these were tests, not necessarily malicious)? Or does anyone know of any astrological influences that might be triggering these visits? Or just general thoughts about it.