Dream decoding & scan help , please

Would anyone be willing to help me in decoding a dream and/or doing a scan for me.
I’ve tried reflecting and analyzing my own energy and space but I’m not able to see clearly atm. And I had a very clear dream which I would like some interpretation.

I dreamed I climbed up a very small flat mountain face and found three snakes along the way. As I reached each ledge where I could put my hand and pull myself up, there was a snake in sand with just the head sticking out. But then they would quickly unearth themselves, they were red, orange and dark pink and very large and each time I grabbed one, pulled it out and threw it down to the ground and kept going til I reached the top.
It was a weird mountain, the rock and sand was white/grey and chalky, nothing like any earth I’d seen before, so I wasnt anywhere in my current country.

Any help would be appreciated, I will be talking to the spirits tonight anyway, but if anyone could scan me that would wonderful.

Thank you.

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Hey, this sounds a lot like the Dreamtime Serpents of Australia- maybe ask them to help you out? They’ve got a lot of sand and mountainous parts on the peripheral.

Your vision with you climbing a cliff is your struggle to reach a specific goal. The climb itself is part of the journey, and your experiences along the way, with snakes could mean a treacherious climb with you dealing with a difficult situation or unsettling emotions and that you are finding it hard to reach your goals.

The snakes symbolize blockages in the way or problems which in your daily life may be things that are slowing you down.

At each level you reach on the cliff you reach out and grab the serpent and toss it away meaning you are tackling your problems, that healing and transformation are taking place as you have learned to solve your own problems in differing terrain.

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