Dream - brain scramble or a spirit?

In a dream about 3 weeks ago. I got a message along with an image of an armoured figure. The message was:

”These spirits are usually given to chaos Magicians. Use them well.” - this part doesn’t make sense to me either.

It sort of looked like this:

I’ve been trying since then to draw this being, and with the help of an artistically inclined friend who pointed me in the right direction when drawing the image. To get the shadows and such right. But I did the actual drawing, I should mentioned the seniorer was covered ina very bright violet color, all over. The tdeeper the shadow the more deeper violet thw armour became. As you can see I am not an artist at all. I am interested to see if this experience was just a brain scramble, or of this is an actually something more. I get the feeling that this is more than just a brain fart just saying.

The image was delivered in a black background surrounded by a neon blue hue. Makes me think I experienced a lucid dream. Except I have never experienced one myself so I wouldn’t know, this is a tricky scenario to me because I have never experienced anything like this, plus dreams aren’t a clear path of validating stuff like this.

Personaly I think this might be set of spirits of an unknown class, or at least not something I’ve encountered: angel, demon or elemental, div, etc. more work is needed on my part to connect with them if that’s the case.

Grateful for any inputs, sensations, etc.


i believe that if it was a high ranking spirit it would say its name.

kinda makes me thing that these spirits are familiars.

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Makes sense to me. Or perhaps it/they will give their name once traveled or connected to.

@Xag_darklight Based on what I feel when looking at the image myself. These things are spirits that aren’t angelic, demonic or elemental but something else. What do you sense if you feel anything?


when i first saw the image i had felt blue-dark energies like this:
its hard to explain,but i feel that they are armies of this and maybe sent by a high ranking spirit as a gift,they dont feel connected to any current like that of the infernal but they feel kind of voidy yet somewhat demonic.


I’ll see what I can dig up myself but when it comes to stuff like this I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have experience with dreams like this. And any input from anyone is highly appreciated.


This sounds like Leraje his color is violet and he is definitely an aggressive warrior demon… I have received physical signs and visions from him all employing the color violet.

I haven’t heard of that spirit before but regarding this post I’ve connected with this image a few times and what I’ve found is that it’s several spirits, not just one I’ve yet to find a propper seal as the image is the only gateway I have for them. But I’ll be sure to look into this particular spirits thank you very much for this. :slight_smile: