Dream after Satanchia ritual

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I already posted this after ritual experience in my journal… but i want a discussion/ or to hear your thoughts about it and i didn’t want to have such on my journal to keep it for journaling purposes only.

Dream after Satanchia Ritual

Well, the ritual was about my ex and casting a lust spell on him and to bring him back. my dream:

I was in a bar that i didn’t really recognize it… and i was talking to 2 male individuals that i didn’t even see their faces in the dream (i am gay btw) and while doing so… my ex approached me. I don’t remember a lot of detail but he wanted to talk to me about something. But i remember that i told him something like “I wanna be with you but if your not serious… tell me because i am seeing someone else rn” (and i am really seeing someone new “trying to move on”) then he walked away went to a bathroom. He went inside and never left again. I tried to look for him afterwards and he disappeared totally. Then i woke up.

I am not sure what the dream means? does it mean that Satanchia accepted it and that was a sign that he is coming back? was Satanechia telling me to watch my words when comes back? Or was he telling me he will comeback for a little then leave again? I feel positive that he will come back… but the fact that he walked away to the bathroom and disappeared afterwards got me a bit anxious. Also, i am not sure if its my subconscious pain of what he already have done to me. which, turn against me and call me names and leave me as if what we had wasn’t real.

Just in case you want to check my journal:

Tell me what do you think, even though i know i didn’t really give much.

Update: me and my ex are taking a class together. As you know classes are online now. Anyway, He haven’t showed up to class for the last 4-5 classes. I just attended the class and guess who decided to show up! he did :slight_smile:

Should i take it as a confirmation sign ?

@DarkestKnight @Manosman @Lady_Eva @C.Wilson any thoughts?

I don’t want to disappoint you or anything, but just because a student that has missed some classes decides to maybe check where the class is at, I don’t think it’s a sign for anything… It’s pretty common in my university too.


lol… but attending this class is not mandatory or the assignments. the professor canceled them all. so it was an interesting that he shows up right after my dream and ritual.

Also… you didn’t tell me ur thoughts about the dream

Did he talk to you before or after the class?


nope he didn’t talk or say anything, yet at least.

Okay, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that is a confirmation just yet. It is one of those wait and see kind of things.

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Awesome… thank you for your response. I will update this thread if anything positive comes up :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s something, maybe not. It’s too early to tell. As suggested, check if anything happens.

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okay here is an update… i been talking to someone else and really interested in them that i feel i finally got out of previous energy and released it. However, i ended up through my scroll in youtube to feel called on by a video for aries on a love reading for may. so while i was watching it and checked my phone and the time was: 3:33 so i looked it up, Pic:

and for yesterday i checked my phone it was 11:11 and i thought ugh it just lucky timing… well tonight i checked my phone and guess what time was it!!! it was 11:11 again. and now this happening. I don’t know but i am getting excited and i don’t want too so i don’t lust for results… cause these things started happening as soon as i let go and released the energy by moving on. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

wish me luck and just wanted to make an update.

Hail Lucifer
Hail Belial
Hail Satanchia
Haill all the other spirits that are helping me heal and grow.