Dream after receiving Anthology of Sorcery

Greetings fellow forum members…

I received my copy of Anthology of Sorcery yesterday…I read a few articles and then went to take my nap before work…I ended up having a very odd dream…I pulled up to a cemetery…It was a familiar one, and there was a few feet of snow on the ground, but a few random dirt paths made for access…I was somewhat lucid and questioning my reason for being there, yet followed the path in…There was a large gathering of people, maybe 30 congregated as a man was giving directions for a scavenger hunt of sorts about to occur…Once he said go, everyone started running and digging into the snow covered graveyard…Wherever there was a drop of blood in the snow, one would find an item(s)…There was a dark haired man next to me, but he didn’t seem human…He found something as I was on my second item found…The items I found were two vials of a liquid…I have no idea what we were all looking for, or what the vials contained…Right as I was about to locate another hidden item, I was woken up to get ready for work…I was wondering if anyone else had a similar dream(s) occur since getting their copy or might have an idea what this was representative of…



hmm Mine wasn’t as vivid… I was in compleat darkness. I started to hear a familiar chant but it sounded different then what I was used to. It was the simple " IA IA KATULU FATAGIN" or however its spelled chant. it increased in loudnes and clearaty then I woke up… the od thing was is that it was total dark like the abyss and the chant was said in a way I cant describe sadly as the night went on at work I forgot the way it was chanted… this sucks it seemed so important.
good to know im not alone having strange dreams after receiving the book.