Dream about Samedi

Dear members!
I never get initiated into voodoo, cause in europe there is not so much people who can help me with it, but I belive in it very strong. Yesterday I had a dream about Baron Samedi (That was the first time). I was on a crossroad, and he gave me an old silver coin in a chain. In the coin was a veve. When I woke up I just remembered the skull face and top hat of samedi, and the coin. I searched in the google, and Found the veve. There was a veve of Ayizan. I never read about that loa before, and about her veve. If somebody who has more experience than me, please help me out. It was just a stramge dream, or it has meaning?

Thanks a lot!

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Where did you see the veve for Ayizan on the coin? I reread your post but I’m sitting in the sun and squinting at my screen, lol seem to be missing where you saw it prior to google.

Truthfully doesn’t matter where you saw it I’d you feel called to her after seeing it- first time in your dream or on google. Either way feeling drawn to something is the same regardless of source.

It sounds like samedi is giving you an invitation to work with the loa to me.

I would proceed by asking legba to open the gate, thanking samedi for the invite then expect my initial test to come from Ayizan.

Seems there is always a test a week or two after you accept the invite, determining if you are the operator or if you’ll Allow them to toy with you.

Granted I’m assuming based on your post your interested. If not disregard.

Disregard My confusion. I see you said it was in the coin, perhaps you meant on it, but either way you saw it in the dream. Lol I love the sun but it’s working against me atm.

Thank you so much, for the reply!

In my dream was the first time I saw that veve (or I just dont remember). I will try what you advise. :slight_smile:

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@Dro so. Have you made any progress?

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Sorry for the late replay, and thank you for asking. I made an offering to legba, and ask his help to deliver a massege, to samdi, that I am ready for any test. But I still don’t know what am I need to do. Maybe with some time will be cleary, what is the purpose of the lwa. :slight_smile:

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If your senses are not well developed yes. I also found they tend to approach when you are alone most often, but they do approach me at others times. Don’t be discouraged, just patient- you did well, now what you need- most likely, is to be able to sense them a little more clearly. It will probably happen when your not really thinking about it or aware.

Follow your heart and don’t let fear rule you, if it’s scary in any way just remember that you are the operator, and you got this. That’s what they seem to like to see- thst you will overcome your fears and keep control :slight_smile:


Hello There!

After the ritual I made, I had another dream. In that dream I was in a public area. When I was there, suddenly a gang attacked the place and the people there. I just didn’t know what to do when two afroamerican men step in front of me. The shorter old man with round glasses and brown suite just looked at me and said: “I see Samedi protecting you, I followed that religion before…” and suddenly behind from the other man (who was very tall, bald and strong) a snake attacked me, but I catched it in front of my face. After that I woke up. I don’t know has it any meaning or just a dream, but I had a strange feeling after that, and I remember the face of that two men so clearly. If you have any advice please write to me.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Honestly, dreams are rather subjective. Sounds like Samedi is in your side and another practitioner, with experience is somewhere in your life, or future and thst they don’t have good intentions.

Protecting you/ you saved yourself. Idk you could get into the symbolism and dismiss samedi in it all together, and still possibly have something, that your subconscious is trying to tell you as well.

I’m not feeling well today, have my kids and well, probably not the best help atm sorry.

I’ll be fair - my ancestors brought Baron Samedi to me, and we had a brief convo. I setup an altar for him, made offerings, but nothing happened beyond that. I’d still feel his presence whenever I thought of him, but it slowly faded. Nothing else came of it, and I soon dismantled (respectfully) the altar and told Samedi why. No backlash.

I still wonder why my ancestors sent him to me, and why nothing came of it. I’ve heard they’re very powerful but my experiences with them Samedi was so/so.

Hello there!

Thanks for your time and answers. :slight_smile: I still can’t make a breakthrough :confused: No more dreams or signs, or I just so blind and can’t see it. I absolutely sure, the lwa with me, but don’t know what Samedi want. I decided to make an altar and offering in november 1, cause it’s the day of the ghede and thinking about learn some bone casting, maybe it can make our relationship stronger, but with the help of any houngan or mambo it’s so hard. I think I am the only one in my country who practice that religion. :frowning:
But thank you so much for your help, and answers! :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

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