Dream about Nergal ? Any informations about him?

Hey hey,

Yesterday just before I went to sleep I listened to Belial’s enn, as I want to work with him soon. Then fell asleep a bit after, and had a strange dream, in which I was doing an evocation (never done one so far, just to precise).
Had few candles lighted up and suddently the room goes dark, and I get that weird feeling I can’t explain but I knew at that moment I succeeded the evocation. So I say out loud what I want, but without being able to hear the spirit.
And now that’s where I get confused, I get the information in my head that Nergal is on Discord and wants to talk to me, because I guess I wasn’t able to hear him otherwise.
And so he talks, I remember his voice quite well, but cannot remember what he said to me.
Woke up right after at 3 AM, and the room was super hot, which is unusual because it never gets like that.

So I’m a bit new in all of this, and confused because it’s the second time I get the name of a demon/spirit in my dreams, which I suppose is the best way for them to communicate with me.

I tried looking for informations about Nergal, but wasn’t able to find much.
Anyone ever worked with him and could help me out ? Is he for beginners ?

Thanks !


Nergal is not a demon, he’s a Sumerian God. Consort of Ereshkigal and god of war, death and pestilence. He is a powerful protector. One of the oldest known gods in the document record and an Annunaki.