Dream about multiple entities trying to attack me from all sides , I saw a tree

And azazel popped in my head for some reason, what does that mean, and what is the symbol of this tree.

Tree of life?

Can you be a bit more specific?

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Specific about what ? I just woke up I’m invoking a lot of entities maybe that’s why ? Either way who knows, maybe I had out of body experience or something, I was close to that tree and they came and than I woke up, that was a short experience tho

Do you remember what the entities looked like or maybe there colours? what type of tree was it? size of the tree?

Can’t remember specifically the tree they were blue like the color of the skies, I think I visited unintentionally some astral place, he was pretty dark tho, oh and yesterday I tried to cast a dead spell on someone, on my enemy I forgot to mention it maybe it’s just a coincidence who knows

Is he a mage or anything? Maybe he had entities protecting him?

No and it wasn’t my enemy there but rather the tree

Do u remember what tree it was?