Dream about having senses improved?

I dreamt that i had my senses (clairaudience) massively improved, but there was a ringing in my ears, it felt painfull as hell in my dream as it was super loud, does this mean anything? anyone ever hadthis happen?

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After ‘anything’ in last second line, there will be a Question mark
You missed it, correct it xDD

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nah i like my grammar bad :joy:

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You can never improve :joy:

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Dreams are a largely subjective experience.

The more apt question is to ask yourself “what does this mean to me?”

You could take it as an encouraging sign that they will improve (your unconscious d telling you you’re on the right track).

If you take the perspective of say a chaos magician…harness the power of belief.

Choose to believe that it does mean your senses will improve so that they will.

As for the ringing, who can say?

I get ringing off and on but on it’s own it doesn’t mean much. You need some synchronicity in conjunction with it. It could be a spirit talking to you, but you don’t get any words so…🤷

I’ve had some rather impressive synchronicities with ringing in my ears.

Most recently, I heard a phrase in my mind from a personal spirit and at the exact same moment my right ear started ringing real good. That got me stoked.

There was also a moment where I felt the impression I wasn’t supposed to do something and when I was about to do it anyway, I got a low ringing in my left ear and felt a sternness. So I was like “okay, I’ll listen”.

Otherwise ill simply make a note of it and I might say “are you talking to me right now?” But…🤷

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Ah isee. When i meditate somtimes i hear whispers, i can never make out what they so though, i probably have to practice more