Dream about getting sacrificed

Hey guys last night I had a dream where I was in a house with some girls and males and i don’t really know why I was there but I was trying to escape and as I was escaping I heard them say I was the sacrifice so I ran and these three girls chased me and the men said “ get her” so I ran down ally ways and other places and as I ran I called on lucifer and asked him for help and as I ran through one ally I ended up in area with bars that yo had to walk around the ones with walk space in them and so I walked through them and some of them had no gaps so I had to jump over them and I was still asking for lucifers help and so I keep walking and jumping over the bars until I fell and this one girl came running at me and whilst she was running I pulled out two knifes and I tried to stab her in the back but there was a force field around her I think it was so I used all my strength and I was able to stab her but that didn’t work and she turned around so I stabbed her in the chest till didn’t work so I took the knife from her back and stabbed her in the neck and she fell to the floor.

After she fell to the floor I ran I looked behind me and she was standing up so u ran faster and For some reason I shouted “ your lucifers child” or I either shouted “ im lucifers child” that bits fuzzy so I carried in running and as I was running I heard her say something, I ran to an ally that I have been to before in real life and I hid I heard her coming so I stayed still and waited for what I think was five mins then I came out of my hiding spot on to to see her standing there with white eyes and she came charging at me so I said “ okay fine you will I’ll go with you” then she grabbed me and I woke up.

Do you guys know what this could be or if it means something.

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I had a sacrificial dream many years ago. I was tied up. My body flipped upside down in a similar position to the hanged man tarot card. I felt something sinister, and I kept thinking that something had my soul.

That sounds horrible do you know why you had that kind of dream?

I remember a dream i was being sacrificed. I was in a circle surrounded by females covered in blood chanting a chant i was gagged and tied up, i couldn’t move. One of them pulled out a dagger and stabbed me in the stomach. One of the girls got on top of me and started to choke me, don’t remember the rest.

I was trapped in an abusive situation with no way out. I graduated from high school early, and I ended up being trapped in a house with no way to interact with anyone outside of the abusers. It “had me”.