Dream 1

Hi guys, I had a dream today.

  1. If I’m not mistaken I’m at a hotel with a guy and I’m not sure who is he

  2. all of sudden few coaches of train falling right on top us and I was trying to wake up I couldn’t because sleep paralyse and the train fall behind me not sure why suddenly the train falls behind my back

  3. In my house or maybe homestay where a Malay lady came ask me that “are you Sukhla” I said yes I am then she ask me why did you throw the knife and I said I’m sorry that was an accident.

  4. I asked her that how did you know my address because I saw from a file which she is holding and she said I’m staying down here and she went off

  5. Then I was walking towards my room and I saw someone’s head in the other room and I went and check it out a small buy stand up and I was asking him to dance with me but then I couldn’t talk I feel like my mouth as been sealed but whatever I’m trying to say that he understands it.

That’s all about my 1st dream. Any opinion? Thank you

Could be just a random dream maybe

Maybe you had a day filled with people trying to tell you what to do and your subconscious projected it onto a dream