Drawn to King Paimon

Since I joined this site, I’ve learned so much. It’s helped me to open my mind a bit more and I believe it’s helping with the death of my ego. That being said, I’ve been drawn to King Paimon since I first read about him. I know very little about him. I typed him into the search bar and read most of the topics where he is mentioned. Can anyone that works with him give me any insight? I’m already working with some of the Khamite and Yoruban deities and spirits gaining knowledge and balance. I’ve started including King Paimon when I pour my libations, but I’m not sure if I should work with him. He’s in my head quite a bit though.


Yeah makes sense. King Paimon loves guiding beginners. Don’t be afraid of him.
Here are two experiences about him that I have found very interesting and help you understand a little better his personality.


If you start working with King Paimon, He will teach you that you don’t need to kill your ego (because it serves an important purpose), but you need to understand and educate it instead, so that it serves you as it should. He is great to work with, as long as you’re focused, dedicated and respect Him as well as respect yourself. I work with Him a lot, and I would suggest that you just make contact and then see how it goes. He will hear you, but sometimes (according to what He has told me) He doesn’t respond if He feels disrespected, or feels that the person isn’t ready. In some cases He even helps people find another entity that is better suited to them. If you can’t stop thinking about Him, it could be a sign that He wants you to contact Him. Just call on Him respectfully, and be yourself. He sees right through you anyway, so there’s no point in not being honest. :wink: He appreciates people who are real - not overly polite/ groveling, and not arrogant either. Just real, confident and if you struggle with confidence or self-expression in any capacity, He can help you find a healthy balance in which your ego does its job, so to speak, in order for you to evolve as a psychologically and emotionally well-rounded human being. He is all about human spiritual evolution and the understanding of who you truly are as an individual. He also loves artistic people and encourages those who don’t think they’re artistic to be more creative. I don’t know if you have read this, but maybe it will give you an idea about whether you should work with Him or not:

If you do, I wish you all the best!


Feel free to check out the forum by using the search function. There are tons of threads about King Paimon.

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