Drawn In Blood Collection of the OAA

Hi guys,
I am new to the forum, but I have just completed a really amazing work with EA, concerning the OAA, and would like to share it with all of you.
Here is a link to the YouTube video of myself and EA.
As well as a link to the website.
Thanks again,

Are we going to get a chance to see all of the sigils and names for each flame?

Here is the link of how and where to purchase these amazing books.
And, yes, the full unedited video will be available to view on the 1st of December.
Thanks again.

this price truly is redicilous.

but, JD, i must thank you dearly

because, since i watched the video, i got a little angry because i don’t have access to the sigils of the Guardians of the Flames


the same night, i went into my temple, a little angry… just a little bit.

and i managed to call forth the Guardian, as an active force!!!


i bow to you!!! thanks for this opening!!