Drawing Sigils

I have noticed that a lot of magicians draw sigils on paper and then destroy them after the ritual either by burning them or ripping them up into tiny pieces.

I have seen that some people have success evoking an entity using a sigil on an electronic device. If I remember correctly there was someone on the forums here that said they evoked an entity by looking at a sigil on their computer.

My question is should I use my android tablet for displaying a sigil during a ritual?
I don’t doubt it is possible to use it and have some success - but is there any danger in doing so?

Imo sigils are doors for your inner self to connect with the entity.It could be a paper,a computer screen,a wall,everything that you can see the sigil in front of your eyes.Then if you open it the right way,the sigil bypass the physical vision, and gives signal to your subconsious-uncosious-call it whatever you want,to make connection.
Damon Brand in his books states that you can use sigils from your tablet screen, the same way you can use them on paper on any other surface.

That’s probably the most useful thing you’ll ever do with that tablet, so you might as well.

Perhaps not as many as you think. That might be more meme than anything. A lot of people start out that way because of the meme, but I have my doubts as to how many stick with it.

Tale a gander at this. It this page doesn’t expand your view of how sigils can be used, nothing will.


Sigils can be creating using any medium you want, but personally I like to draw mine, there’s something about drawing the lines or creating the artwork that really connects with the subconscious. But any method that gets the job done is the best method for you.

Destroying the sigil after the working has two effects. One is to “send” the sigil off to the aether, the other, and more important, is to prevent you from “lusting after results”. Once you get into the whole thing and have been doing it for some time you will find that you don’t “lust after results” after the working anyway. At some point you start to realise what that feels like, where your thoughts start to go, and you can then cancel it all out.

Of course there is another reason you would destroy the sigil…what the hell do you do with it afterwards? I hate throwing things like that into the bin unless it is of an expulsory nature, so, burn it and let the smoke carry it into the aether, seems practical.

On that note however, been watching the evocation video and such by EA (Mr Koetting), and there is another level here that has sprouted a question for me. The sigils I am talking about above are those that you create yourself with a specific will intent, the usual Chaos Magick stuff. However, if using the sigil or seal of a demon instead, what would be the result of burning the sigil? To me it all comes down to the intent and the energy sharing, and if by burning the sigil of a demon your mind is saying “Oh, I’m burning the demon” then that would no doubt be a bad thing. Obviously when you are done with a sigil of a demon you could store it away as you would no doubt need in the future, but I am curious what the opinions are.

[quote=“DeathWish, post:1, topic:5625”]My question is should I use my android tablet for displaying a sigil during a ritual?
I don’t doubt it is possible to use it and have some success - but is there any danger in doing so?[/quote]

I’ve known of people who scryed with their computer monitors and had issues with the computer functioning properly afterwards.

With that in mind I would just make a dark mirror out of a photo frame, lots cheaper.

I mentioned in another thread that I had success with using my ipad for evocation. I had Astaroth’s sigil drawn in red on a dark screen, also have it in a blue version. You just have to adjust your backlight settings not to auto-dim and turn off any ECO or power saving modes that cause your screen to go black or turn off after so many minutes.

A few weeks back I asked for help with my artistic abilities. I wanted to start drawing devotional offerings for the demons I work with but I was not confident in current artistic skills, which by the way are sophmore college level, and I still doubted myself. I used my ipad for evocation in 2 ways. First to display the sigil on the screen, then after the demon manifested I turned off the screen and used my ipad surface as a black mirror. Seem odd? Well, I do 95% of my artwork on the ipad so it seemed appropriate to use my ipad as the source of calling forth the demon to ask for help.

And no it’s not silly. Any black reflective surface can be turned into a scrying mirror, even your TV, as long as you believe it will work and don’t start laughing at yourself thinking this is ridiculous while you are doing it. Scrying thru my ipad, imprinted that demon’s energy into my device so now whenever I draw, the ideas just pour out of me as I am holding the source of my better artistic abilities right in my hands. The quality of my art has improved greatly. It’s even gotten better since just 3 weeks ago when I originally asked for better skills.

Not necessary to burn the sigil unless you are working with an entity that you know you will only be working with one time, or if you know you will not contact them again until most likely several months later. For entities that you work with regularly, it helps to keeo a permanent sigil of some kind as each time that entity manifests before you, his or her energy will keep imprinting on the permanent sigil, creating a stronger link between you and them. I have a permanent wooden sigil I made for Lucifer, painted with acrylics that have my blood mixed into it, and something similar for another demon. I believe that mixing my blood into the paint that I painted his sigil with, serves to link my blood to his link (which is his sigil) forming a stronger connection with him.

I like drawing them personally, it’s immersion for me I’m focused on empowering the sigil as I create it almost in a meditative state. Heard of people printing then but using a screen? Think Timothy does that, I like to fold em up after I open them and then burn and bury the ash after the working is complete.