Drawing An Audience

Hey All,

A friend of mine is premiering a new play at the Camden Fringe next month and I want to help draw in crowds for his show but am unsure of which spirit would be the most proficient for such a task. I’m thinking of either King Paimon, or the angel Acheron from Kingdoms of flame, but was wondering if you good people of the forum might know of other spirits or Powers that may be helpful.

Thanks muchly!


Maybe Duchess Agares? She does bring people to some place. I also think about Dantalion who seems to be pretty good at mind control just like King Paimon as you said, I think he could be really good at make people come to that event.


So, Agares, Dantalion, King Paimon or Acheron are the choices for mind control but I’m not sure if mind control is what is required to draw people in. :thinking:

Anyone know of any other Powers that may be helpful for this? Or have advice on accomplishing this? Any planetary forces that might be useful?

The play premieres on July 30 so I figured I would task the spirit to draw people to it on July 1st so there is plenty of time to bring in a big audience.

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Ambriel is an angel of communication, I did a full ritual evocation with her over two weeks ago. I asked her to help communicate beyond my resume. She gave me swift and impressive results, and I think that she’d be good for your goal.

Story time:

One out of two resumes that I handed out after the ritual got me an interview, and then a job offer. Also, a resume that I had handed out a month prior that I turned down for a different job at the time, called me back and I got an interview and a job offer. By the next Wednesday, I had received two jobs and had to decide on which one I wanted.


At the end what did you do?

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I haven’t done anything yet. As I posted above, I’m looking at July 1st for the ritual, as the play begins its run on July 30.

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Ah! Didn’t see. Okay I’m interested in what worked for you on this.


Alright, I thought I should update this, as my friend’s play premiers tonight.

I went with Acheron, the Angel of Influence from Kingdoms of Flame. His sigil opened very quickly so he must have been waiting for me LOL

We will see if he can fulfill the task I set to draw a minimum of twenty people to each performance.

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Acheron came through in spades! I asked him to bring a minimum of 20 people to each performance, and the attendance to the first show jumped from 0 tickets sold to 17 in the space of 8 hours, just shy of the requested 20. The second performance went from 2 tickets sold to a total of 12 in the space of 6 hours, and for the third and final performance, Acheron went all out and the audience totaled 64 people!

I am just amazed at his work and highly recommend this angel if you need to influence someone!