Drawing a sigil in blood?

So if someone uses their blood to draw a Sigil of a spirit will it make the connection stronger?

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There’s extra energy in it that has your signature on it. But that won’t do anything unless you use your intention clearly to direct it to your will.


And how does one do that ?

Be aware of it as having power, rather than just treating it as ink. When you open the sigil, hold in your mind that the sigil opening draws on that energy to help it open and make a strong connection. Optionally, if this is true, you might think about how the energy in the blood is an offering to the entity.

Energy follows mind, so thinking about it and willing it is what drives the magick.


Hello Apswanson08,

A sigil drawn in a summoner’s blood links the summoner to the summoned entity’s energy. A lot of the older books on magic, the only way to summon a spirit is to use a summoner’s blood. It reality it really isn’t needed and a hymn can achieve the same thing. The hymn method predates any sigil method.


Ah okay thank you :pray:

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