Drawing a pentagram shape non-stop as a child

This is something I’ve wondered a lot lately, I was obsessed with drawing pentagrams (on paper and on my mind) for at least 2 years as a child, you know, the one where you do it in one continues line (like the one on Moroccan flag)
I was never interested occult at the time, only about 20 years later I have come across this forum and wondered if anyone else had similar experience or it was just some sort of OCD at the time.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

It doesn’t mean anything. Kids doodle “stars” all the time. Everyone I knew as a kid did. It’s nothing occult related.


I did the same thing.

So did my mother. In a past life regression it was revealed she was a witch that was burned at the stake.

I can’t help but think the two are related.

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I used to be able to draw really good stars as a kid and now I’m struggling to draw them for rituals…

Kids can hyperfixate.

Same as wanting to watch the same movie constantly, or listen to the same songs again and again and again.

When you learn to draw a proper star it can be very gratifying as a child and you’ll want to do it again and again. I know when I finally figured out how to do it in spite of my sloppy lines, it felt like a great achievement.

It’s visually pleasing and represents the stars in the sky which is super cool if you’re a kid. Lol

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