Hi everybody,
I was thinking to give a task to Dra’talon.
I need to perform a full evocation o is enough a sigil gazing and a candle?
Any suggestions?

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Do you think it will be enough? Are you on those kinds of amiable terms with this entity where a majorly abbreviated ritual is not a problem for them?

You say you need to perform a full evocation, but then ask if a majorly abbreviated evocation will work. It seems like what you are asking is if taking a short cut is OK. I guess it depends on how much respect you want to show, and in turn, how much respect you want to be given.

My suggestion is that, since it seems to me that this would be your first contact with this entity, given the question asked, that you do an actual full ritual without cutting corners. Resin incense, the circle, the triangle, the altar, everything, and show that you are willing to put in time and effort to communicate with the entity. You know, show them respect as individuals rather than treating them as petty minions that exist to serve. Show them you are willing to put in 1 measly hour to first contact them, rather than saying you cant be bothered to put in more than 5 minutes.

Im not insinuating that was your intention, however, you dont want to come off that way to a spirit of great power, do you?

Just my opinion.

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