Dratalon from Book of Azazel

After reading Book of Azazel and reading some threads in here, I decided to evoke him for a good purpose.

I already drew his sigil on paper with marker and I have also opened it.

So today ia the time for evocation but I dont have dragons blood, so I will use sandal and lavender sticks and also candles coloured black with marker.

I think I have already given him big offering
(Guess it)

So I will now charge the sigil with my intent.
Also prepared some kind of funeral ritual for the target.

My years of torment is now going to end as I have taken this great step.
Some people they would just never understand. Their only lesson is to get rid of this land and burn in Bottomless pit for eternity

I would be grateful if Dratalon takes nice care of him so that I can find my inner peace back.

The picture is already laid with dead spider and web along with dead red ants.
I will buy a jar and put some live ants
Let the ants curse him as I will shake the jar.
Gonna fuck him out this life and for eternity.
Let his body be torn apart by Dratalon

And talking about Glasya Cassimolar he came to my dream as a small dog with wings. He just flew in front if me and went.

What happened later is that I went crazy.
This is what he created in my mind. The author of bloodshed.
Yesterday I was watching shit on yt whatever Dratalon is going to come and he has to come to take care of this bitch


You are very welcome to share your experiences with Dratalon or anything you want me to add in this baneful work

Watching and waiting for Dra’talon to get around to killing someone is about as interesting and productive as watching snails fornicating.

Put him, the evocation and victim behind you and do something else that brings you happiness and let the man do his work, his very, very slow and unbelievably painful work.


Let him be slow but the target should not be in a mind to speak with me or anyone

He should be tormented in living hell

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He may be, but you may want to keep in mind, that often targets will first present as if everything is going great in their life, nothing bad is happening etc, as they try to cover up things are falling apart for them. :slight_smile:

I’ve also read Dratalon is very slow, yet effective- I’ve heard he likes to toy with his food so to speak. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing

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Yepper, just don’t want you to get discouraged, if it seems like it isn’t working at first :slight_smile: I know you’ve had it kinda rough and when magic takes time to work, we can obsess over it, but we just need to give it more time.

Okay I will follow as you say

Let it take time, I will do from my part what I can

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So I opened the sigil of dratalon and now I am going to paste his sigil inside lid of hoodoo jar


hi there be some folk magic on Balkan write persons name on egg 9 times and may place where you wish they go and smash it at their doors hehehehe

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That’s powerful dark gipsy magic :smiling_imp:
In other variation you can hide the egg in the house of the victim or put it under the door at the entrance


You may want to put your remaining negative emotion into a candle or two (or more, depending on the size) and burn them on top of the jar. The wax will “seal” it and seal their fate.

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Yes man @norse900

I am going to do that too

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What if the target stays with me

You should define this. There is a language issue. Will the target be there physically, mentally, emotionally, or a combination? The problem is the “lust” for “results”. “Lust for results” is the phrase.

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Also want to share this

After I opened Dratalon sigil and recited Alash tad … Ashtu. until I got into trance state and then I stated my desire

I placed the sigil in the inside lid of the hoodoo jar and then went to sleep.

Next day I had a vivid dream of black spider moving in front of my shelf
I thought this is great 'cause I can kill that spider and put it in the jar
But the spider went away and then I got back to sleep

It felt very real but it was a dream (the spider was pretty big and black)

In a website it says ongoing problems would be resolved if I dream of black spider

To be honest, I have 2 targets
One stays with me and the other one comes to me once a week to distuturb me

So there is lust for results

Cause whenever I remember their bad gossip about me
I just cant stop thinking about them to be dead


A holiday camp for 2-3 weeks would help. The results of bane workings are fast if you detach mentally emotionally and physically from your victims


Similar is when brake up with gf or bf , its say need brake destroy all astral links which been atached to full recover

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