Drama & False Claims About BALG's YouTube

Someone with a total of SEVEN duplicate accounts (who is now banned & blocked) made some crazy posts earlier, exploiting a YouTube-wide technical glitch to make false claims and push their own agenda.

I am just posting this to clarify this was nothing to do with BALG, and there’s no need to take my word for this, you can see this page notes the YouTube outage, that big red spike:

Here is an archived page capture of that page with the graph: https://archive.is/wip/RC8zf

Very sad to see someone exploiting an everyday YouTube-wide technical hiccup, that they could easily have verified is not in any way connected to BALG, for such petty reasons. :roll_eyes:

If you ever find any site or channel is down, I recommend typing “is (site name) down” into a good search engine, to find any of the multitude of sites which will check whether others are experiencing temporary outages as well. :+1: