Drakerni Hosti: My Godform (a working still incomplete)

I’ve been working on my god form for several months now. Meditations, discussions with my spiritual mentors, etc. I still have work to do on learning about my god form but here’s what I have so far. Below is a picture and his nature. As I learn about him I’ll post it.


He is the God of Righteous Outrage, of Divine Passion. He who comforts the broken, he who enflames the hearts of men and women with passion, he who’s patronage is of the outcasts and forgotten, he who Annihilates the rapists, protector of children, he is the embodiment of outrage! He who drains the life force of the tyrants! He is the darker side of Justice! He is the vindicator of the broken! The accuser of the wicked! The avenging angel of malicious outrage! He is Drakerni Hosti!



How does one meet his godform?

the godform is the higher self, speak to the higher self and theyll instruct you.

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I didn’t meet my god-form, I created it. When the time was right, I just knew how to do it.