Draining another's fortune?

For a year I stayed with a family and noticed that after I left there were big changes in both lives. For them they went from constant conflict and debt to wealth. I on the other hand had to deal with tendrils some of them placed in me and a lot of other shit that I won’t blame them for.

Now after I entered there lives till the point I left, things went up for them but it was more sinister than it seems. A shaman told me to leave that house and during the year I stayed there they got to place tendrils in me and vamp me. I want to ask is it possible to steal another person’s fortune via psi vampirism? Cause it feels like that happened.

On the plus side I took back my power officially this year. They hate me and idgaf.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m not sure about vamp. But I had similar issues. I was aided by President Gaap in draining another person’s spiritual power for me. And he did it perfectly.


In my case it was several deities who helped.

Thing is its a bit too much to be a coincidence. Still it’s something that leaves me scratching my head


You can put tendrils in them N.D. Blackwood’s book has some good techniques as does E.A.s books. Eat them up. If you want to do this.


Not through psi vampirism no as a future isn’t the same as actual energy. You can psi vamp energy, but to steal or change a person’s fortune is more manifestation atleast done intentionally or unintentionally . But overall no there’s no such thing as psi vamping a person’s fortune through psi vampirism.


Thank you for clearing this up for me!