Drained, any ideas?

Hey all,

So, I’m completely drained. I feel fucking empty and I’ve got a headache that is centered in my third eye and my brain won’t function long enough to read or watch videos on subjects I’d like to learn about.

So, I missed my daily meditations over the past couple days because I’ve been busy and didnt make the time for whatever fucking reason as well as I’ve been with my partner at nearly all times.

They left today for work and I won’t see them for a few days, and I just feel decimated. My only idea as to what any of this might be from is missing my meditations and accidentally feeding off the energy we share with one another naturally.

Any one have any ideas?


(P.S. is it possible to be an inadvertent vampire?)

Chaos blackmoon current has been active since 13th till the 21st sept. You will experience feeling off, tired, emotionally and mentally drained, inability to focus, irritability and hidden thoughts and feelings rising to forefront. Dark moon is a good time to express anger and sorrow with Lilith and Asmodeus.


I would recommend a good grounding session, one that I have been using for years is a simple meditation. It tends to be more effective if you can get out into nature but works fine in the middle of an urban city.

Sit on the ground and see roots growing from your legs deep into the earth’s core. once you feel the connection breath is used to guide energy. As you breath in see the energies of the earth fill every cell of your body, as you breath out see your tired energies sink deep into the earth to be transmuted. Continue this for at least 5 minutes, i wouldn’t recommend more than 20 minutes unless your planning to use the energies gathered.

First time I made this mistake I got it in my head to go for 90 minutes but i had no plans to do anything with the extra energy. As a result it seemed like i consumed 3+grams of caffeine, was up for 3 days and wired as hell :laughing:.


Once you get your copy of BmoA and read through it you may wanna try Peering into drukaskan it has a similar effect but of a more intensive nature from what i have been finding out.

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Ah, thank you very much. I was actually just about to meditate so that couldn’t have been timed any better. I’ll give that a shot.


Your welcome, hope it helps.

What is Chaos blackmoon current? My gf has been feeling the same way as him.

Vamp like your life depends on it. Don’t even stop with people, vamp the moon, the sun, enemies, and whatever you can.

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Mind my asking how? :joy: I’m new to vapirism

It’s pretty easy. My UPG is that we do it to a lesser degree whenever we’re around people, we just don’t know we’re doing it. Anyhow, you’ll want to look at someone and visualize a tentacle coming from your third eye and going into them and breathe in, feeling their energy go into you. If you want to do it from afar, you’ll need a candle which you’ll visualize them in it’s flame and visualize your tentacle going through the flame and into them. If you can astral project, that’s the easiest way to do it.

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Oh so thats what I’ve been doing… I didnt know that, thank you very kindly :smile:

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