Drain someones abundance?

I have practiced vampirism before but only recently actually delved into it fully. I noticed that apart from lifeforce and chakras, I could drain skills and traits from whom I feed(ie. discipline, empathy). However I was wondering, is it possible to drains someone’s abundance and/or capacity for abundance?
Could I, for example, drain someone of a higher economic value to where I gain their level of abundance? Not necessarily meaning taking their job, but the economic state of living they find themselves in. I feel like I’m bad at explaining this, but if you can somehow understand, responses will be greatly appreciated.

Can you remove someone’s wealth? Sure.

Can you then transfer that wealth to yourself? No.

i’m assuming, however, that you are referring to the energy state of abundance. In that case, yes, you can feed on it. It is energy, after all. However, the energy state of abundance will not necessarily mean you will gain anything material. It is an energy state that draws abundance to you, but it will not suddenly land you in the target’s economic sphere.


You can drain them of whatever you wish.

The return on traits is not equivalent.

Finding a list of billionaires and psychically draining them is not going to make you a billionaire.

You may find their energy/abundance may inspire you to make wiser money decisions and investments or be more open to receiving money, and in those decisions you can adopt the security they have and eventually the life you want.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and wealth building, even with the help of magic or energy work, takes time and patience. Even if you have a windfall, money goes fast, and it takes sound decisions and a stayed hand to keep it.


Yes exactly that’s what I mean, thank you for clarifying.

Yes this is what I was getting at, as I did drain someone with a lot of wealth, and found myself drawn to making better economic decisions, as well as seeing more opportunities around me.
If I could ask another question, when draining someone of their abundance, would pouring the energy into my root chakra be the best course of action?(which is what I’ve been doing) Since the root chakra deals with money and security, but I’ve found people saying the sacral chakra is best for such actions.
And if I didn’t thank you both enough, thank you!

The finer points of the chakras beyond the basic associations are like the directions of the elements on the pentagram. They change based on tradition. If you google it or reference books, some authors will tell you one thing and some will say another.

I would say the best thing you could do is keep doing what you are doing if you are feeling like you are getting results. If someone tells you otherwise, and you begin thinking, well… maybe I am doing it wrong… you are shooting yourself in the foot and sabotaging your own work with doubt.

I am not saying ignore everything else in favor of personal experience: thats how you get vampire-werewolf-succubus-demon overlord woo. Trapped in your own delusion.

Take associations and test them. Experiment and see ‘well is this really the better way?’ and keep a journal of your experiences. Then you can decide where to store the energy specifically. Keep an open mind, but also use your wits to test theories unique to your experience in this world. Thats how you advance.

I’ll tell you right now that I don’t do a lot of chakra work so I can’t offer much insight. A lot of what I practice is more chinese based internal alchemy/neidan.

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You’ll never have true abaundance so long as you perceive it as a limited quantity where you have to drain someone else’s to “get your share.”

True abundance is recognising yourself as no more or less the co-creator of your own reality, not seeing others as creators you have to leech off of.