Can anyone tell me if there is a way for a beginner to summon or communicate with a dragon spirit without a ritual like a sigil and a conjugation?

The Earth is a dragon herself. You can root yourself in her. And feel her pulse. It’s an empowering experience. You also have a dragon within yourself; the Kundalini at the base of the spine. Summon it, and if successful, you can become a dragon.

It’s somewhat difficult to summon Draconian entities without tools, unless you are an advanced practitioner who planned the ritual ahead of time, but it can be done by chanting, meditation and so on. You have to know what you are doing, though. Same holds true for many entities. (Except those we create or find in nature).

My suggestion would be to look up how to do things in an astral temple and see if you can conduct rituals on the spirit plane instead of the mundane one.


How can I find out the name of the dragon inside me

Kundalini is a Draconian goddess who is within everyone. When you transform into a dragon, it is the manifestation of the dragon current. You become a part of it. If you desire, you can give this form any name you wish. You can use your magical name or another name. In essence, the raw power itself is somewhat nameless.


Could you give me some tips as I suck at magic how to plug myself into the energy’s visualization tips meditation music anything to help this beginner get started also would you be able to call to them and ask one that likes my energy to come work and bond with me would be a big help as I don’t no much about doing magic can’t even open my 3rd eye been trying for 1 year now

If you have the money and are interested in Draconian tradition and Magick I suggest the Draconian Ritual Book by Asenath Mason. [quote=“Novicebrett, post:5, topic:17616”]
can’t even open my 3rd eye been trying for 1 year now

If you believe you can’t, you won’t. When you try, do you feel any sensations around the Middle of your forehead?[quote=“Novicebrett, post:5, topic:17616”]


Have you also attempted evocation?


Every one visualizes energy differently, I see it as generally a colored mist. For just starting out, try this really simple meditation.

Sit comfortably, only important part is keep your spine as straight as possible. Breath in through the nose, feel the air enter your nose and travel to your lungs, visualize the energy of the air as a mist, but continue it, once in the lungs it spreads to the rest of your body. Exhale and reverse the process.

You can combined this with a mantra. The one I was taught is, in the inhaling breath, mentally chant hong, on the exhale, mentally chant sau (pronounced as saw)
Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I feel sensation in forhead and a tingling in my body if help feels like a heavy pressure no being around my body have meditation on a sigil and called out to them but no reply can’t see or hear anything

You might want to try this Chaos method then; “Belief is a tool”. You cannot do anything without first being positive that it will work. If you are skeptical, that’s as good as being a non-believer. It’s better to trick yourself to think it works and prove that to be right than to give up based on it not working based on expectations paired with skepticism.

This cartoon guide is useful for teaching Chaos theory and it has some tool-free exercises. You don’t need to do all of them in order or even do any of it at all so long as you use the theory. It won’t be the same as the Draconian tradition but many of the techniques are cross-paradigm, meaning you can use Chaos theory, meditation and gnosis to assist you in other endeavors. Remember that it takes more time for some people than others to use magic, and it’s not something anyone masters overnight. https://ultraculture.org/blog/2015/11/13/psychonaut-field-manual/


I’ve heard that the enochian system of magick is better for beginners in some ways. It doesn’t require much trance work and among other things.

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Where can I find info on this

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Dragons usually represent primordial force and it’s present in almost every civilization and spiritual/magical tradition. Some describe it as “sleeping” force. If you have serious intention to awake your draconian force, the good way is to follow some instructions in order to keep it more under control. Step by step, over a longer period of time.
I guess it’s possible to summon a dragon with no use of any structured way.


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