Dragons blood oil

A few things in this post.

  1. How do you make the effects of oils stronger when you wear them?

  2. What effect does wearing dragons blood oil have in social situations, like how lavender instills lovely feelings in people and whatnot.

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I use dragons blood in many ways
Drip on a candle rub a bit on my feet or behind my ears .
Its protection and its connection with whom you wish.
You could use it as a means of meditating on aspects of dragon or the Draconian current


If you want for protection (or strength/power/confidence), rub the oil on inner side your wrist towards yourself, stating what you want.
If you want the oil to help you “scare” the people or any negativity stay away from you, rub the oil on your wrist away from yourself. State what you want again.

I hope this helps with both of your questions.


It also boosts the effects of spells and other oils.

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Whats the difference between the original dragons blood oil and the “modern” one?

Essenial oils are usually already strong as is, why do you want it to be even stronger? For what purpose.

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Exactly its extracted from the ‘sap’ often there theres the use of fillers or fillers such carrier oils make sure the strength doesnt burn the skin. However you can get frankincense in its purer from which you can ingest but if you dilute it with say a pure fractionated coconut oil mixed in with the essential oil (the amount you add applies to how much you want it filtered and purpose ie for child or adult), it on your skin directly.
With dragons blood you cannot ingest it even without the filters. These filters that are in most oils prevent reactions on the skin when directly applied it is safe to say that if any “essential” oil (the pure extracted essence of a a plant or fruit) burns or any reactions it could be either the product has unclean fillers or if not diluted then the user must not apply directly to the flesh.
Dragons blood in the ones i have found obviously have been fractionated otherwise the risk of it burning the skin on some people would be higher then if it were not. Magickally speaking it makes absolutely No difference the strength of the product is dependent on the user weather you use a few small drops or a couple of mills the Effect is in your concentration. Now there’s the red and the blue both are excellent and can use for different purposes
The red snd blue variety are of different strains of the dragons blood trees in different parts of the world. They can b used interchangeably for same or alternate purpose or for the separate. Ultimately its really up to you the user

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