Dragons and annunaki

Talking to a friend, she say in russia is legends of the annunaki, and dragons, and magick rituals. Not much info of tis. Only by secret covens, and i ask about the famous holes like basement, of metal egg shaped, its knw in mistery, conspiracy forums. Her answer was decent. I ask her about a britishguy wjo claim some of tis rituals, she say her covenpass tat info to his members bavk in the 70s80s, a weak connection. Tru annunaki. Aliens etc are nit well knw in russia their magia and dragons are. Any links, thanks,

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This is kind of confusing, what exactly are you asking for? I get the backstory part but I am confused on is are you asking for links about the annunaki or about aliens? the annunaki connection to dragons?


i think hes asking for links to this conspiracy theory type he wrote on here

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Look into the Sumerian pantheon.


I’m confused too

Research: Dragon Island of Russia (A.I.)

Yada yada yada.


Salvic Witchcraft, just like the Romany witches, many of the things are hidden. My suggestion, go to the books.

And yes, I’m confused as well. The OP doesn’t go into much detail. However, strong vibes coming in. It’s all I say.

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Ok guys its things not knw in west about magick. Yet ,especially russian magick. Pretty much ldy witch say. Annunaki dragons, magik is very well hidden. I will pm a guy soon he claims knw dragon magick here. Looking for links, annunaki dragons, not conspiracy.

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Links here have goid search thanks guys.

Annunaki dragons like Kur?

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Ahhhhh. :zipper_mouth_face::shushing_face:

Sometimes they need to figure out on their own.

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A little push never hurts lmao you’re right.

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