Dragon Wisdom

So, my UPG about dragons is that they are the primal force of change and transformation, and as comscious entities, they value wisdom above all else.

I had a major family catastrophe strike this weekend, which details i really dont think are relevant. The aftermath for myself, however was an instinctive invocation of my concept of Dragon. At the moment of knowing i am a Goddess and knowing that a Goddess should know what to do and knowing i didn’t have a clue, my whole being opened and TRANSFORMED.

I had never invoked a spirit before, until Saturday night. I knew how, but it’s not the same as doing it. The experience was breathtaking, and i am still in awe. I will never ever be the same, and i wouldn’t change back even if i could.

I just thought you all might want to revel with me in my “level-up” moment. The question is always “Are you wise?” May our answer always be “I choose to be wise.”


@Anastasiya Yes, I agree Dragons are about Wisdom, and balance too.

Invocation is a very empowering experience. That’s why I love invoking so much.

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Asenath Mason said that the Draconian path is the path of change, so many of the gods are our guides and will come and go as they shall. Some may stay, but change is what is strived for.

Strangely enough my life has changed dramatically since I was first introduced to Draconian magic. :slight_smile:


Oh my life transformed big time over the weekend. It was pretty much the perfect time to enter the Dragon current. I never even suspected the call would come for me, which made everything somehow even more crystal clear


Your upg is golden.


Same here. Interesting.

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