Dragon magick. Experience

Thanks to Luxfero for inviting me to work on this project with him. So basically this is how it went. Luxfero’s guide told him that the great Dragon from Merlin was real and how to summon him. He did so and kilgarhha cane to him. He told him he was 2000 years old. So to be sure he wanted to have another mage try this out. I had just asked a question on this forum about what something my Guardian demon said meant, and he gave a great answer. He noticed that I was pretty good at communicating with spirits. So he asked me if I was willing to try this out. So I said yes. I most certainly do not regret it. This was my first experience working with another sorcerer and I was not disappointed. So first he sent one of his spirits to me. So I noticed that there was a spirit with wings I. Front of me. I chanted Alash tad alash tal ashtu and lightning struck. Luxfero confirmed that the spirit with wings was his. His spirit granted me some kind of infernal draconic power. It feels good. Thunder struck and the spirit was gone. So next was the summoning. He gave me spell to summon any dragon. I tried it and here were the results taken directly from our PMs: “Lomanor purple age 1173 I didn’t know if dragons had sigils so I asked and he gave me a sigil. It’s a circle with a 7 like shape and then an inward curve on the lower part of the 7. This is what he said: “I hear you. I see you. I can feel you.” Then he roared. I said thank you for your time. Ithai. I said it again and I could tell the power was gone from the room.” So yeah. Dragons are real y’all. And some are really old. I look forward to working with Lomanor, Kilgarhha, and any other dragons. I also look forward to working with Luxfero in the future. Thanks for the experience brother.


Bless be! I appreciate, brother. I really appreciate.

As do I. I want us to practice more spells together, if you don’t mind.


Incredible story!
@luxfero you are incredible brother, I hope in the future to be able to work with you …


I don’t mind at all man.


@Illumia here it is…


This is some experience.


Very much so

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Anál nathrach, orth’ bháis’s bethad, do chél dénmha.

  • The Charm of Making, an incantation repeatedly uttered by both Merlin and Morgana, is in an Old Gaelic dialect that translates to "Serpent’s breath, charm of death

However Morgana is a false representation of Morgan-LeFay. In reality she hated dragons and made up the myth that Kilgharrah tried to kill Merlin. That’s why to this day he still hates her

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Correct it is not “Gaelic” it’s before Gaelic. It’s Ancient Celtic. Even more powerful, and for me since I am ancient Celtic and so is my demon Rensum

Noted :metal:

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