Dragon Magick and inner Breath


Dear Kurtis Joseph, i love your current youtube video’s on Balg.

I once been teached out of various sources, to merge brain and heart and make them one, effectively living inside of the own heart rather then the head.

I used Sun gazing, Kundalini rising, direct empathy, reversed empathy - Numinosis - the ability to write thought’s into someone else’s Brain, Envokation - the Control of other’s from any Distance, Aum, the origianal Ohm, meaning Creation - “to create” - so i’d say i’ve seen quite some stuff.

What i want to know, is there’s been teachings in the stuff i mentioned, about creating and rising your own Sun, creating it at the lower dan tien - See of Chi / Qi, The Secound Charka from the root, to raise it up into the Solar Plexus Chakra.

It’s said, this linking fully activates the Body’s Health and makes it extremely Powerful.
I Wonder however, how to keep the Sun in Safe and constant form, after creating it out of Sparking the fron of the lower dan tien - the sacral chakra, and the backside lower Energy center, which resembles the moon - negative chi in the body.

Now i know i can ignite the Sun described, but it doesn’t last.

I want to know if maybe there’s some Dragon Breath technique that may help me with that.