Dragon dreams

I have been having this dream/vision in my mind lately. it’s like I’m standing their in a deystroyed city( like on fire ash in the air) or something sometimes a feild(very cloudy) I have dragon wings on my back. a jagged sharp tail and red and black eyes. every breath o take a little bit of fire comes out of my mouth. what do you guys think this means?
note: I love dragons very much. I have a big dragon tattoo on my arm(it was my first tattoo).
my friends call me dragon. i also have been hearing a lot about something draconic magic. and Lucifer has to do with a dragon( Lucifer one of the first spirits I worked with and still a close to me)


I love dragons alot :heart_eyes:
Lucifer might be the right person to talk to.


I could go “read this or read that”, but the general meaning is your spiritual awakening, as the Kundalini serpent comes through your chakras reaching high making your wings spread. The awakening of the primordial energy of life within you. Or maybe it means much more than that, but the most important thing is the personal impression it means for you.


I think I’m being called to draconic magic

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That could be the case but I think it might be symbolism for something big is gonna happen in your life hence the drastic changes in your vision

Try looking up the book dancing with dragons. Draconic magick will teach you about the elements and the different types of dragons. Almost like a goetia with different rituals and tools.

Draconian Ritual book by Asenath Mason. I think you’re being called to that current. I’m in it myself. Entities like Tiamat and Lucifer, yep

Yeah whatever he said. Lucifer, spyro. Go down a whole and enjoy the tea and cake.

Spyro… what video game was that from bro I forget lol

You are being summoned to destroy something with your occult powers…

You could very well be a dragon.

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I’ve had several dreams of dragons as well. I had one at one time when I was a teen that I was riding one and sometime like last year. Following with a few other dreams in the same night. I had one that I was returning home and in the field was one and another in the sky. From my understanding, those who have dreams of dragons are being called by spirits that are part of the Draconic Path. Such as Lilith, Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, etc.

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