Dragon Dream

So this is new for me haha
So I was in a fairly regular dream at first and by regular I mean it’s just pitch black
Then I was flying through the air. I could feel the weight of my wings as I flapped them.
I wasn’t sure what was happening.
I was flying with a few other dragons and for a lack of a better word we raided a castle?
I can’t remember much of the beginning but I just remember sneaking around a castle looking for stuff.
Haha imagine that a giant fire breathing lizard sneaking around like a ninja.
After we exited the castle we flew for awhile in the clouds before coming closer to the ground to what looked like a school.
We were playing with who I recognise as friends but I don’t know who they are
I can’t remember much else only that I was shifting between dragon and human form at times.
It was strange yet surreal to be a huge dragon flying in the air with no worries at all
Welp that’s all I have to write thanks for reading :3