So Im sitting here reading a book about dinosaurs
An encyclopedia of dinosaurs and lo and behold I find one named Dracorex …the full name of this dinosaur is Dracorex hogwartsia, which means "dragon-king of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry"
Late Createous
Group pachycephalosauria
It ate plants
10 feet long
Fossil location usa 2006

Haha. Just thought it was cool.

But as I was looking through the book I wondered is there a connection between dinosaurs and dragons.

Because Ive been seeing a dragon that looks an awful lot like this dinosaur named Augustinia. That was a sauropod. Whose skin was covered in armor like lumps and two rows of spikes down its back.
The difference is the color the dragon i see is red.


There’s a strong belief among Creationists in the Christian religion that the dragons people recorded in history (and there are many historical recordings of dragons throughout history, such as Marco Polo) were the dinosaurs that people are digging up nowadays.


While I haven’t considered Creationsim for the majority of my life as a Christian, I have considered the idea that dragons and dinosaurs are related, and I haven’t entirely ruled it out.


My experience, and the lore strongly suggest otherwise. Dragons are as physical as demons are. I find it unlikely that anyone would find dragon skeletons in the first place.

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