Draconic Bloodline Sorcery?

OK, so I had a crazy idea… I’ve been obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition lately, and recently I’ve been looking into the Sorcerer class, since I tend to prefer playing magic-user classes and I usually play as a Wizard since they’re the most intellectual. However, when I was researching Sorcerer mechanics for D&D, I noticed a few strong and very surprising synchronicities.
Now, I do NOT mean to propose that the way ‘magic’ works in D&D as a whole is accurate to real life Occult Magick, just thinking about that gives me an overwhelming sense of how ridiculous it sounds.
BUT, what if it’s possible that there are little hints of accuracy sprinkled throughout the game? D&D uses many words that have occult significance, everything from different planes to Astral projection, to the names of the various Devils that rule over the 9 Hells and all that. And back in the day there was the whole “Satanic Panic” that fundamentalist Christians started because of D&D, and although I would never say their fears were “justified”, maybe the fact that they were/are utterly insane gives them a slight advantage in detecting real world Magick.
Trying to get to the point of this rambling tangent, I typically identify as a “Wizard”, because I thought it was a fairly good universal term for a magick-user and it has an intellectual implication. However, it occurred to me that it may be more accurate to call myself a Sorcerer, if real life Magick works anywhere near how it does in D&D. My thought process is this: Since the time I discovered Magick was real a number of years ago, I have never really needed to do a lot of research or read up on how to cast spells like a D&D Wizard does according to the game mechanics. Magick just comes to me naturally, and I often find myself theorizing about new types of spells I can cast without the need for reading what other people have done before me. That, and I can normally cast them with very little preparation. In addition to this, I can also and even prefer to cast my spells silently and with only small subtle gestures that are easily hidden.
Now, hear me out. In D&D, Sorcerers are born with natural magical skills and don’t need to learn spells from books and such. In addition to this, at a high enough level, Sorcerers can choose a perk or an ability called “Subtle Spell”, in which they need no verbal or somatic components to their spells and can just cast with the sheer power of their thoughts/mind. Furthermore, a common way Sorcerers get their magic is by being born with a “Draconic Bloodline”, meaning somewhere down the line in their ancestry they are linked to dragons or a specific dragon.
Now, here’s where I ACTUALLY get to the point. I have Welsh ancestry, my mom and her parents and sister were all born in England, but one of my great grandmothers was born in Wales. Dragons are a LONG-standing huge cultural icon in Wales, so much so that they have a dragon on their flag. (And yes, I checked, it is indeed a dragon and not a wyvern.) I have a friend that is also an occultist, and he has more experience than me. Years ago when I was first getting into Magick, I remember he mentioned something about the possibility of me being linked with dragons since I have Welsh ancestry. So what if I am indeed a Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer?!?! :exploding_head: :dragon_face: :dragon:

Granted I don’t believe dragons actually existed in the physical world at any time in natural history, but I just saw something that claimed they could be Astral spirits, and of course there’s the common Western belief of dragons being demonic and avatars for Satan, though I’d rather not associate myself with demons anymore if I don’t have to. At any rate, there’s a possibility that the Welsh people and the land of Wales itself is liked to and influenced by an ancient Dragon spirit or spirits, and I inherited power from those spirits.

TL;DR - Could I be a Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer just like in D&D but in real life?

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You know I think that the guys who make the d&d series have done their research into the occult and do in fact add real elements of magick. If you know what to look for and how to use it anyway. Back in the 80s my dad was Intel in the army and very big into d&d and the occult. He even participated in some of the psi recuritment shindigs (things where they sought out potential candidates and what not and tested their abilities in telekinesis and telepathy etc.) that the army had going on when they were researching astral projection and psychic phenomena. (Granted theyve been doing that since far before the 80s. And still are to this day)

So i dont think its that much of a stretch to think that those books have some occult knowledge sprinkled throughout them. Hell they may a shit ton of advanced knowledge in them just waiting for the inflated to find it. Kinda like being hidden in plain sight lol.

As far as dragons go, I actually do believe that they existed in this physical reality. Same with giants and other monster from ancient lore. However i believe a lot of these beings were multidimensional and were able to leave before the great flood. I also think the great flood was used to pull the veil of forgetfulness over the remaining people. And when the veil in the temple of Solomon was torn during Christs crucifixion that was the start of the remembrance. Which is why the Catholic faith, and the other two abrahamic faiths have fought so hard to keep control of the people and world. They are trying to keep the veil in place to prevent people from learning the truth about their own innate powers and abilities. I believe we are all descendents of the gods and demons. I mean they were all promiscuous enough for it to be plausible 🤷


You are thinking way too much into it.


I see it as nothing but a game, that’s what it’s met to be, hell I’m a huge female gamer but I know games are just that. Though they could have researched doesn’t mean game is more then a game.

I agree with @anon84423462


That’s an interesting theory about “the flood” being a euphemism for what we would consider “Fantasy” creatures being sent away to another plane of existence, and the veil being torn allowing some people to remember, if I’m interpreting what you said correctly. Actually, now that I give it some thought, the veil could have been a physical object that was tied to some type of spell that protected or obscured rifts between the mundane world as we know it and the other planes. Keeping it in Solomon’s temple would have made sense, if you have an artifact or a device that is maintaining a constant Magick effect you’d want to keep it some place that’s very secure and not just anyone can get into. And when you look at the evidence, Solomon was definitely a Wizard. He asked Yahweh to give him wisdom unparalleled by any other man on earth, and the word “wizard” does kind of just mean “one who is wise”. Also Solomon had those 72 demons in servitude to him.

As for the gods being promiscuous… that’s something I can relate to.~ :smirk::rofl:
So I guess that’s just more evidence to support that I’m something a little more than just “human”. Haha.

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No, you are a human. We all are. Witches and wizards are also humans.
You can debate whether your soul is something else, but it doesn’t matter because currently you are human.
I don’t mean it as a bad thing.

Also, you said magick comes to you naturally.
Some people develop some skills easier than others. Like for example some people are naturally good singers and others have to train their voice more.
I do think some magickal traits or sensitivities can be passed down by blood, just like the possibility of being good in sports can be passed down.
However, that doesn’t mean someone else cannot beat you, and you don’t need to train.

Instead of trying to find something that is special in you, you should rather learn to embrace what you are, and that you are already special and unique, if you just stay true to yourself, and stop running after something. This is general advice for everyone.


Nothing in the world can take the place of
Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
Genius will not; unrewarded genius is
almost a proverb.
Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone are


Wise words. :clap:


I back this up 100% it doesn’t matter who or what we were in past lives what our soul is. Our current vessel is human and guess what we die.

It’s amazing to know what we were but it is not who we are now. We are all human.


Everyone can trace connections to dragons.

The concept of the dragon is in every culture, even reaching as far back as Mesopotamia.

If real Dragon Magick interests you, check out Asenath Mason. I draw most of my stuff from her at this time. I suggest her Draconian Ritual Book as it has a lot of beginner friendly material as well as advanced material and is suitable for any level of experience.

Keep thy self grounded.


“The world is full of educated derelicts.”
Honestly that’s a big mood for me though. I have a bachelor’s degree in history and I was going for a Master’s in Education before I got overwhelmed by the workload and also life just got in the way. Before the Corona Virus started I had been looking for a job since… I’m gonna say May of last year, but to this day I still haven’t found anything that really suits me or that I don’t need to already have my Master’s for. When I’m at my lowest moments, sometimes I wonder if I wasted my life getting a useless degree, but I know that can’t be true.

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That wasnt my point but good luck anyways :slightly_smiling_face:

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You don’t need to be descended from Dragons to be special. Just focus on your spiritual development and training, and stay true to yourself.

I do not personally believe that the real spiritual realm works like D&D.


Bloodline exists before birth; it is the circumstance you are born into.

So no, and to ignore that would be like buying a fake Oscar and awarding it to yourself, or wearing a fake designer item - you’d know that it wasn’t earned within the very specific current of merit, power, and status that makes it desirable in the first place.

You would no more be a mage via that route, than if you photocopied currency and tried to pass yourself off as a millionaire.

Stuff like adopting powers based on fiction is largely the domain of chaos magick, which places less emphasis on precursors and places the emphasis on the mind of the mage.

You could however look into your bloodline and call forward any ancestors who did have powers, and ask them to gift these to you, as a worthy inheritor.


I am going to go off of @Lady_Eva’s comment.

Dragons are powerful symbols/beings (as dragons in the east were often viewed as gods) that have been present throughout multiple cultures. They are extremely primal forces of power that can be of vast help.

In the case of the Welsh, the dragon is a strong symbol of the kings of the past for that nation. To use the Welsh Dragon symbol could be a way to draw on the strength and wisdom of those men. In a way, as you are welsh, it could be used as a medium to draw on ancestral influences. It is actually how I connect to that part of my own family.


In a spiritual sense, I’d think welsh people would have bloodlines tied to their Gods, not dragons, of course there’s some welsh Gods/Gaulish gods who were tied to dragons like Cernunnos as the horned serpent was a symbol of a dragon as well as the underworld.

However, I’d have to agree with Littleshart, it might be you’re thinking too much on it and putting two and two together that dont fit.

I also agree with Lady_Eva, it’s actually pretty fun and you learn a lot, for myself I’ve found my Irish-celtic ancestry, my african/Lwa ancestry as well, among others.