Draconian Initiation - Undergoing Dec 10th

Starting Dec 10th (possibily 11th) I will undergo a Draconian Initiation. All rituals are going to take place at night upon my altar. I’m using the guideline in Asenath Mason’s Draconian Ritual Book but I’m adding my own mods.

Day 1 - Calling Upon the Dragon (blood offering and sigil activation)

Day 2 - Gaia (Dragon of Earth)

Day 3 - Hydra (Dragon of Water)

Day 4 - Aeria (Dragon of Air)

Day 5 - Pyra (Dragon of Fire)

Day 6 - Godhood (becoming the Dragon)

Day 7 - Dedication (building a Draconian portal)

Preparation is nearly done. It’s only a matter of time.


Let me know how everything turns out!!!

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Any resources, I am interested.

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Hi Ketsueki, here are some resources for you.

Draconian Ritual Book;

Many works of Draconian magic use the Qliphoth, which is an initiation in its own right. I recommend these books after reading the Draconian Ritual book;


Sounds absolutely cool! :slight_smile: I wonder how it will turn out!

Just a crucial tip about the order though - I noticed that you had fire follow by air- might be extremely important
in regard with the order of the mastery of the elements, for crucial alchemical reasons within the deeper workings of yourself as a mulidimensional being.

The order of the Chakras


The order is very important, because the next teaches you something in relation with the previous elements.

There is also the realization of the effect of the permutation or combination of elements that is a theme as well in self-realization - like-earth-air/fire-water and so on, that is part of the essentials of the elemental aspect of self-mastery.

Generally, I do ask in rituals with the beings I wish to work with to empower me either in very specific things, or to empower me with all that a particular being stands for, acquiring all of it’s abilities. (I assume you were going to ask for the second one or? :slight_smile: ) also interesting to add might to ask them to boost all of your being and for them to really show you things)

(Example with dragons: I did a ritual once asking for just that, and as a result you might for instance be able to breathe fire of a higher density to cleanse certain things- for instance, when your breathe touches a surface, be it a human body or an object, it can potentially cleanse it-it comes as an effect though of your rituals

I have to say though, I am not quite sure yet if Hydra is a left hand path dragon in particular or a general one.
I guess that these dragons can either way fully empower you with the full general ability of your chakras as well.

Know that through these, you have the potential to do things like physical levitation (starting from the ground- always) also of yourself and other objects or people, teleportation taking your body with you to other places and times, (past and future) or other dimensions of the cosmos dissolving your physical vessel -and reforming it anywhere else you wish.

, physical shapeshifting of yourself and other objects and even more…or instantly create things from energy to matter or render yourself physically immortal (not to test by endangering yourself in any way though-ever!) - and even far more…;

As a living God - ever exploring one’s abilities.

Enjoy to the max!

Maybe some food for inspiration:

(what the mastery of matter can do)

Nature, regardless of how cold it is, might be the number one place you might want to do your rituals. :wink: !!
The depth will much greater! :slight_smile:

p.s. don’t get carried away by people telling that he’s a faker - he himself says
"when mind, body and spirit work as one, anything is possible".

He is a street magician though some things he performs, like this one shows that he knows more about reality and bringing our own infinite potential to expression.

More side-references:
"Life and teachings of the masters of the far east"
on Cosmic mastership how to unlock those abilities-the fundamentals of psychology emotion and science of reality.

(!Great combo btw with ceremonial magick- mastering soultravel/evocation/divination courses+ universal and solomonic circle! -insights on what to ask and to what/who!) :wink:

Day 1

I just did the first ritual. While short, it did what it was supposed to do.

I obtained a ritual knife for this use; I traced the sigil with a blade whose tip had a bit of my own blood on it. I had a glass of cold-brewed chai to my left to represent the dragon’s blood. (I can’t legally have alcohol yet and I like strong teas so it’s very much a substitute and will have to be for the whole ritual).

I did the invocation of the dragon. I felt and even saw some flames and I knew right then that if I really do stick to this, I can do it. I have a dragon pendant that I’m going to have on me until the ritual ends.

The first day was the easiest… and I’m already tired. I set a quiet alarm just to work at night. Now I’m going to have to sleep… hopefully I’ll have an insight to two from dreamworking by then…


Day 1 (2)

I woke up with less sleep than usual but by doing so I feel more alive. I was left a message that was a warning. It told me that once I open “the gates”, I won’t be me anymore, I would become a different person. That might sound scary to some people but this makes me excited. Yes, change is what I want. I want to be someone who is more like the person I strive to be! I want to be more energetic, productive, logical and as a whole just a better person in my own life. I want to change so I ultimately become the best bet of myself.

Anyway, I’m going to invoke the dragon of Earth. I should probably explain why I corresponded each name to the dragon. They are elemental names that are feminine or changed to be feminine. “Hydra” is actually taken from “hydro” which means water, and happens to be the name of one of the dragons Heracles killed (the multi-headed one with poison). Gaia is the name of the Earth, which makes sense because the Dragon is the Earth. These names came to me as I read Asenath Mason’s description of each during meditation in her version of the ritual I’m doing. I’m going to re-read them before I do them but I would like to have slightly different results once I get to a certain point of the meditation. The original ritual didn’t attribute names to each dragon, but I decided to call upon each using a name so I can chant something specific to the element I’m working on.

The order of the elements build the dragon; Earth - Body, Water - Blood, Air - Wings, Fire - Breath. The Dragon itself is actually symbolic of the fifth element.


not to be argumentative, but your rating on the RHP seems very subjective

That’s because it’s an opinion.

Honestly I don’t favor the RHP systems because they’re usually more dogmatic than most LHP systems. I understand that the path of the right-hand has just as much potential as the path of the left one, but in exploring those systems I only became frustrated. Even though I lean more to the LHP, I don’t completely shun the RHP in teaching. In the RHP you’re more likely to find preparation methods and explanations for some steps that I either find pointless or in some cases counterproductive. A good example is a circle to protect you. I don’t see why it’s necessary to protect yourself from forces you’re trying to bring into the world anyway. It’s like washing your hands in the middle of yard work; why bother washing your hands when you’re just going to do more dirty work? Why all the extra protection from entities trying to help you? Why can’t it just be protecting yourself using your own energy?

I’m mostly thinking of Wicca when I mention the RHP (although the Abrahamic religions are RHP too) and I find Wicca to be lacking in substance and practicality. At least Christianity has multi-dementional symbolism within the scriptures, even if I don’t agree with it. Most Wiccans are “bunny fluff” and piggy back off older, deeper concepts.

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I don’t find that so

I don’t use any preparation methods at all I just do the work, I do healing methods sitting in public view at a coffee shop

I think it’s more like talking to a convict, behind unbreakable glass, he might be a danger he might not, best to ward yourself just in case.

well technically that’s hat you are doing

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Day 2

I just woke up from a beautiful communion with the Dragon of Earth, Who I Call Gaia.

I repeated the in/evocation of the Dragon (because it kinda has to be both) and after I drank the Blood of the Dragon, I had called upon Gaia the Dragon of Earth and after summoning her energy (which in itself felt rejuvenating), I blew out one of the candles to represent my flesh transforming in the darkness, being destroyed by her.

I feel like I’m in a different body now. It was intense just to feel it on the edge of dying as the old flesh burned away in the Black Womb.

What I knew about the Dragon of Earth

  • represents the Flesh
  • Manifests as Tiamat and Behemoth
  • Earth is a feminine element and holds up alll things, so she is the mother of flesh and the foundation of the human and animal body

What Gaia the Dragon showed to me

  • Her power is to fix things of the flesh and bone
  • She is the embodiment of both life and death
  • She has a toxic side, since she must dissolve the flesh which has died
  • She is the Dragon of Regeneration
  • She is the Axis Mundi and therefore a force of balance and (like earth the element) stability.
  • She has power over necromancy, nature, crystals, decay and birth.

All in all it was a very interesting communion and one that has enlightened me in ways that I will appreciate pondering. I’m looking forward to what the other dragons have to teach me.


I would heavily disagree. It’s about respect. Approaching a Spirit thinking they are some sort of convict is the opposite of respectful.


Day 3

The Dragon of Water is the Dragon of Blood, Hydra. In Greek mythology, this was the name of a posionous swamp dragon whose blood was used by Heracles later on to kill others by poison. Later on, his last wife unknowingly doused Hydra blood on Heracles’ tunic, thinking that since it was centaur blood, it would make him more loving. When Heracles was burning upon the pyre, some people said the Olympians took pity on him and made him immortal. Others attribute a constellation to him (or quite a few depending on how detailed the version of the story is). So dragon’s blood can represent quite a few things in this respect, and when combined with the story of Fafnir, we have a blood that can kill or ascend a person.

The Dragon of Water actually infused my dragon-body with blood in an interesting way, and it took hours. While in the womb of the dragon, she attached a sort of umbilical cord where my sacral chakra was on the spine. The snake in my spine turned around for this. I felt light-headed as my old blood was destroyed by acid, which became the new blood once it reached my heart. As they say, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

I didn’t quite get as much knowledge given to me from Hydra the Dragon of Water, but that didn’t mean the communion was any less insightful. She told me this;

“Never is the world stagnant. Even the most solid rock has moved. Move with the world, not with your mind.”

The Dragon of Water represents the flow of change in life and the support of life upon Earth.


I love your gnosis Sabah.


Day 4

Arrgh, I can’t sleep! It’s so windy and the wings still hurt!

Okay so ironically tonight when I summoned the Dragon of Air (which I’m calling Aeria), the wind picked up a lot. I had minor distractions but I managed to finish my meditation despite that.

The wings were sewn on and for some reason my right shoulder is hurting a bit while my left shoulder just feels odd. I hope it’s just two different responses from the muscles and they will get used to moving to my Will as my body gets used to the feel.

As for what happened… I had to fly through storms which is one reason why my physical back probably hurts. My astral self is returning with all these sores after flying through tornadoes and thundering cumulonimbuses.

“How do you navigate through a storm? You have to move or the storm will navigate through you!”

Owch… well I’m reading a book or two and really hoping I get some sleep in the next hour, half-hour. I’m sore. I’m tired. The wind won’t go away.


Day 4(2) [Edited out a spelling mistake]

I felt like I was flying all night. I slept very lightly but I had some time to think about why the Dragon of Air’s gnosis hurt while the Dragons of Earth’s and Water’s was less painful.

Astral bodies are relatively easy to create and re-build. Changing flesh is probably one of the easier ways to re-build a body. And that’s exactly what Gaia did. She built my body after consuming it, which wasn’t painful but rejuvenating.

Blood transfusions are very easy on both the material and astral realm. Hydra did this with acid, which became the new blood. I did have a moment where I nearly fainted, but that was the moment that nearly all the old blood was destroyed. So the transformation only took place of the veins.

But while Water and Earth are elements of the body, Air and Fire are elements of force. Air is the element of swiftness and breathing. Pain and exercise make you expell air faster, and so you need to breath in more air. This is probably how I started breathing differently and one reason why the pain of the wing-surgery wasn’t spared.

This makes me wonder what the Fire trials are going to be like…


Day 5

Holy crap! I have never felt so energetic after a ritual!

The Dragon of Fire (Pyra) burnt away my soul. Was it painful? Yes. My Kundalini force was actually really active and my back aches now because the power was immense. So why burn away your soul? It wasn’t really the life essence that was burning away; it’s hard to replace that. Pyra actually did more of a soul-purification process by burning away burdens of the past and old desires. What I have left is only relevant now.

But, save for the time Sekhmet healed me, I was probably the happiest I’ve been in a while. Once the pain subsided, it felt good. Fire is a double-edged sword. It heals and destroys, purifies and blackens, causes passion and hate, life and death. Fire reminds us that there are two sides for every coin, and every coin can be flipped either way - or, in rarer cases, land on the side.

The next two days are going to be interesting.


Day 6

Dec 15th is today.

“The void” is a strange concept. It is, but it is not. The path of the Dragon embraces the void; paradox, from which sense comes from. Insanity from which order can rise. Chaos, the element of dual-trinity.

The Dragon is creation, and destruction, and the void manifest in flesh. Only the deepest mysteries is hidden beyond the realm in the void itself. Humans can learn it, to a point, for some price. But it is meant to be hidden.

Tomorrow shall be the creation of a gate, the gate of Nightside, darkness of creation.


It has been done.

The Night Key holds all secrets of the Dragon. But, to know them, you must become the Dragon. The Key of Night. They are one and they tell the same story.

Ave Drakon!

I’m happy to declare that this is my first, and only the first, trial of an initiatory process. I will use this key for my Draconian rituals. It will not only serve as a key but as a manifestation of what I learned, and connect me as the paint is charged with my own DNA and energy, and upon becoming charged it ingrains the chant “Fiat Nox”.

Once the holidays are over, the next step will be the Qliphoth. After that I may explore other traditions further beyond academia and meditation, along with the Draconian path.