Draconian aspects Stealing the show

Friday night January 4rth 2019 I sat in my Altar room, with my Altar fully active.
I had my Crystal Ball to my left within the lower left corner inside the Circle, and my Black Scryimg Mirror to the right of the southern Tip of the altar cloth. Insense of Dragons Blood (Two Sticks) Burning above just behind them on a shelf. In between both scrying tools the Pallus with Burning Cubes (Five) Dragons Blood Charcoal lite.
Placing myself into a meditative state, Relaxing fully! Beginning to Chant (Latin) to Azazel, to come forth. Channeling, evoking, summoning with with tiring breath.
My gaze befell the mirror, watching my Eyes go black as if no eye’s existed but a upon the image of a face none the less.
After what seemed a life time, a Pair of Gold or Yellow Eyes appeared.
No matter how hard I tried, the Spirit, the Daemon, the very Angelic Being wouldn’t manifest itself fully. The eye’s all that showed.
Baffling as it is, Frustraiting as it was! The realization was my prayers were herd. The answer was given. The being did come plain and simple.
But who was it? Was it Azazel? Or some other Angelic Being!!
Through intense study and research, the Closest I’ve come to identifying who appeared is out of The Daemonolaters Guide to Daemonic Magick by S. Connolly. Yellow in Candle Magic is tied into Both Lucifer and Lucifuge Rafocale. This is page 162. But Yellow is also connected to Kings according to Page 164 and Lucifer.

Could one of these two Powerful Lords have come in his Place? Or did they hijack the Summoning?

Truth is, I don’t know. I’ve never had anything like this happen before through a personal summoning of a specific Entity. Instead, it’s only happened when it’s an open invitation which thus was not. I may not know now why or what reason this came to be, but I shall find out through further Divination and Evocation Rituals.

If anyone has any insight that could aid me in this, it would be appreciated.

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The eyes are the window to the soul. The vision indicates a response to your requests for prescience or knowledge.

First that your eyes are black means indifference or transition could be the Deitys color that is responding which indicates Lucifer.

The transition to gleaming yellow eyes is symbolic of intellect, energy, agility, and wisdom. The colors of both black and yellow are also indicators that a higher deity is responding and will accede to future requests for divination.


Just to be clear, you said you were doing a personal summoming of a specific entity. But you do not know who came through?

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Didn’t consider that. Interesting view. Thank you for this insight. Will definitely be taking this to heart.

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Need to know if there is a way to discover who may be watching through a mirror.